A purchase! Three, even!

According to the Amazon numbers, someone (or a couple of someones) bought my book there sometime in the last 24 hours, and two people bought copies from Star-Crossed. It’s not really about the money (although that’s SWEET, too, if I was getting any yet. Darn big advances. ). I wouldn’t have thought that myself – I’m a money whore and I admit it. Gotta earn a living this way! – but my first thought when I saw someone had bought a copy? Someone’s going to read my book. Someone saw my name on Amazon and purchased a copy of a book I wrote. And hopefully, they will enjoy the story. But it’s an amazing feeling to know someone spent their hard-earned money on me. 😀 That, I think, it what it must feel like for a musician standing on stage and hearing a stadium full of fans sing along.

Also: On the Lambda Rising site (http://www.lambdarising.com/NASApp/store/IndexJsp?s=localbestsellers&page=260358), On the Air is the fifth novel listed on their list of Lambda Women’s Fiction nominees. All that means, really, is that my last name starts with “C.” But hey, it shows my cover and a blurb instead of just the title. Yay, alphabetical order!

Finally, I’ll end with a question from Livejournal. (“Do we have time for an email?” “Yes, there’s always time for email on this show…” Sorry.) This one is from TheBlanky: When did Miser first enter your life? Miser was born in high school, senior year. It’s a long complicated story. Two friends were calling me Ne-on Ge-onn (even though my name is pronounced like “John”). A friend of a friend overheard and thought they said “Neil.” We explained, and she said, “Oh. Can I call you Neil?” My philosophy is that women (especially cute ones) can call me whatever the hell they want. So I said yes. I loved the name Neil from that point onward. Then, because I was cheap, I added the “Miser” part of the name. And Neil Miser seemed like such a cool, strong name… I’ve kept it ever since.

The original Miser story was a screenplay, meant to be the pilot for my very own TV series (before I learned I would have more control over content and the story if I wrote it as a book instead). Every single little thing has been changed in the plot. Chicago, drug dealers, a chase outside of a warehouse… oh, and Neil was broken out of a mental institution in the first few pages. 😀 But if it had been a TV series, the first book would have been Season 1, the second book Season 2, and so on until Season 5 (Miser will be a five-book series. I’m very firm on that. )

Hope that answers your question!