Always Bet on the Underdogs!

Ariadne Willow is a private investigator with a secret weapon. She’s a canidae, a person with the ability to transform into a wolf at will. Using her heightened senses to track and her shapeshifting to follow people without being seen, she’s made a decent business for herself and her associate Dale Frye. Together, they form Bitches Investigations, a small but scrappy agency that fights for the little guy. Whether going up against the richest woman in Seattle, an environmentalist celebrity with a sordid past, or facing a war between humans and wolves, there’s one thing that remains constant; Ariadne Willow and Dale Frye are not going down without a fight, because they know the one thing you can always trust…

You should always bet on the underdogs.

Winner of the Rainbow Award and Golden Crown Literary Society Award (for Dogs of War), Underdogs is a new kind of werewolf series. No alphas, no “female wolf must choose which manly man wolf she needs to mate with,” no bull. Just a story about a female werewolf and her committed relationship with another woman serving as a backdrop to fun, dangerous, action-paced mysteries.

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