Another Update

Not really much to update in this post, I’m afraid, but I thought I would go ahead and make a post so people don’t think I’ve gone mute. <g> I managed to finish revising The Following Sea and I’ve sent it off to P.D. So expect word on that sometime in… well, judging from how long it’s been on Silence Out Loud, I would say sometime in December of this year. Maybe. But I’m not bitter. It’s a busy time. I understand. Sort of. <g> Actually, before I wrote this post (I hardly ever check my Yahoo mail because it… well, sucks), Linda from P.D. sent me an email about Silence Out Loud. They want it, but “not in the form that it’s presently in.” Which means I have to go back, rewrite a lot of it, and resubmit it to them. At which point it’s another long waiting game to see if they want it or not. ~heavy sigh~

As you can tell from above, I still don’t have any┬áinfo on Gemini or World on Fire release dates. I’ll let everyone know as soon as there’s news to share, promise.

I also managed to finish my Valentine’s story for the Academy. So it’s nice to have that out of the way. I have one more story to write (which is due in March, and I haven’t even the inkling of an idea yet) before I can focus on another novel. I have two in mind, and I’m not sure which one I’ll pick to write. I may just flip a coin. <g>

In reading: This month I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larssen. It got a lot of good press, and it was being held up as some brilliant piece of literature. I mean, I first heard about it on NPR, for crying out loud. But now, having read it… it’s just a standard murder mystery. And not a particularly good one. The last hundred pages or so are unbelievably boring. It felt like the plot ran out of steam and the author just kept writing because… well, because he wanted a longer book. Yes, he was tying up loose ends, but it should not have taken that long. And it should not have been that dull. I would give this one a definite pass, if I were you.

This has been a rather long post to say… I have very little to say. Hopefully I will have Gemini news for you before too long! ~fingers crossed~