Bad Writer, No Donut

I will not send threatening emails to e-sellers offering a used copy of my book on Amazon.

I will not.

I will not.

I will, however, be tempted to. That’s perfectly normal. ;-D

In all honesty, I’m an eseller. I sell DVDs, mostly, and not books. So I’d be kind of a hypocrite to make a big deal about them doing what I’m doing. Still! I’m just a little ol’ writer. The DVDs I sell, who does it hurt? Universal? MGM?

Ah, well. I will not make a big deal of it. I just had the urge to email someone offering a copy of my book and thought it would make an amusing April 1st blog post. 😀 I did notice, however, that the eseller selling my book has 100% feedback rating. So at least he’s a high-quality son of a bitch. ;-D Best of luck to him.

May the bird of paradise fly up his nose.