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A few weeks ago, CBS aired the final episode of Person of Interest. It was an early but not unexpected ending, which gave the show time to wrap up their storylines. The result was a series that lasted five seasons and just over 100 episodes. It was a show that told a story with a distinct beginning, middle, and ending, a show that had elements of its endgame hidden in some of the earliest episodes. The characters were given appropriate (if tragic, in some cases) final chapters. And when the last scene faded to black, we were left with a show that had told its story and was closing the book.

There are people passing around petitions for a sixth season on Netflix. I’m not signing any of them, even though I count Person of Interest as maybe my favorite show of all time. I don’t want more. I don’t want forced plotlines and watered down versions of the greatness that came before. Too often, shows overstay their welcome just so they can say it’s still on. I loved The Good Wife, but my love for it waned hard and fast to the point where I haven’t even started the final season. Stargate SG-1 reigns supreme as my favorite show, but even I admit the last few seasons weren’t its best (although I’ll be forever grateful we got to know Vala). I’m not happy that there will never be any new Person of Interest, but I’m very glad that we got what we did and that it never went downhill in terms of quality.

That’s the importance of ending. I’ve written a few series in my time, and the first two had very distinct endings. The Claire Lance series was created with a fifth book in mind because I knew it wouldn’t make any sense to have her running endlessly. There had to be an end to her road. As much as I loved her and I loved writing for her, I had to give her peace eventually. The same thing happened with Riley Parra. I didn’t know exactly how long she would go on (it ended up being five books as well). I could have written her until the end of time and been very happy to do so. But I knew that eventually she deserved to rest. She deserved a happy ending. Her supporting cast deserved their endings as well.

I’m currently writing two series that I’ve planned to be ongoing: Underdogs and Trafalgar & Boone. The former is on book 5, with no ending in sight. I’ve crafted that series to have built-in finales every few books. The third book ended one story, and book 5 begins a new arc, with standalones sprinkled throughout. Ariadne and Dale will continue to grow and evolve. The stories will begin and end so new readers can slip in whenever and wherever they want. But eventually I will either end or slow down the series to give Ari and Dale a final ending so they can have some peace, too. Trafalgar & Boone is a bit trickier. I’m not sure how many books will be in that series when all is said and done, but I’m definitely planning for more than five. Seven seems like a nice number, but we’ll see what transpires with the plot.

These days, everyone seems obsessed with continuations. The story must go on, the show must be renewed, the movie must have sequels and spawn a franchise. All good things come to an end, all stories need to eventually stop. The book needs to be closed so a new one can be opened. As much as I loved writing Riley and Claire (who may return in a series epilogue novel… stay tuned) and Ari and Trafalgar & Boone, I know eventually I’ll write them all for the last time. And while that’s sad, I’m excited about the possibilities. It changes how I’ll write them because I know there won’t be a chance to get it right later.

And then there’s the old adage: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” And once the story is done, you have the full story in front of you, and you can go back to the beginning to relive the story you loved knowing how it will all come together in the end. If the series keeps going in perpetuity, soon you have thirteen novels full of references to past stories that you half remember and would be incomprehensible to new readers. At that point it’s virtually impossible to give the series a graceful ending, so instead it just fades away. No one wants a story they once loved to fade into a pale shadow of its former self.

“The End” only means the story has stopped being told. It will always be there, waiting for you when you’re ready to revisit it.

Ari and Dale are officially award winners!

The latest Underdogs book, Dogs of War just won the Rainbow Award for Lesbian Sci-fi/Futuristic & Fantasy! How’s that for a birthday present? I guess people just respond to a story about a lesbian werewolf leading a small army of wolves against a terrorist group of hunters on the streets of Seattle. Who knew? ;D

The other novels I had in the running… What Matter Wounds? (Claire Lance 5) was second place in Contemporary General Fiction, and Girls Don’t Hit came in fourth on Mystery/Thriller. So all-in-all not a bad run. ;D

I don’t always remember the inspiration for my novels, but this one stands out with particular clarity in my mind. It was morning, and I was listening to music, and I heard a song called “Lancelot” by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. It was a song about an old drunk and the woman who loved him, sort of a wild west Don Quixote. Of course, I love Man of La Mancha and I wrote lesbian romance novels by that time, so I decided I was going to write a novel based on that first image I had: a battered and weary woman who has trekked through the desert arriving in a tiny-town bar where she’s forced to take up arms in order to protect someone. The story was inspired by Lancelot, so I named my knight-errant Lance. The rest of the story just cropped up around her, where she was running from, what she was looking for, and how she found herself in the process of saving others.

There are five Claire Lance novels in all, and for a limited time, you can get the first novel in the series, Tilting at Windmills, for free! All you have to do is go here and voila! It’s all yours. A little early Christmas gift from me (well, my publisher) to you.

Get it here!

Okay, folks! Claire Lance #3 Confused by Shadows is now available! It’s the midpoint of the series, and it has some pretty large implications for Lance’s journey and Faye Mallory’s pursuit. I know the wait for these novels has seemed endless at times, with Only Flame and Air always right on the edge of release, but now there have been two books in only two months! So to give people a chance to catch up, to give Lance a chance to breathe, and to help get the timeline of the series back on track a little, Lance is going to take a little break. I’m sure your pocketbooks won’t mind. ::g::

It fits well, too, since book 3 covers a good part of Lance’s year, and the gap in story between 3 and 4 is larger than with the first two books. There’s a bit of a time jump from one to the other. So the wait will make the story even better.

So be on the lookout for the penultimate chapter in the Claire Lance series, Chasing Dragons, available in January 2014, followed a little bit later that year by the final chapter of the journey, What Matter Wounds.

Another two weeks have gone by, so you all MUST be wondering when the heck my latest novel will come out. I mean, I’ve really been slacking this last fortnight. Well, wait no longer! Today (no fooling!) marks the release of the third novel in the Claire Lance series, Confused by Shadows!

“When Claire Lance decides to stop running, she just wants a home, a job, and someplace she can feel safe. She doesn’t want or need to fall in love, but Jodie Curran doesn’t give her much of an option. Lance unexpectedly finds herself slowly being pulled into her first relationship since Elaine. Soon she finds her blissful new life threatened by the mysterious forces converging around Jodie and, when she learns the truth about what’s going on, she may find herself in more danger than ever. Surrounded on all fronts, by the police and an ever-obsessed Faye Mallory, Lance may have finally reached the end of her long road.”

This marks the mid-point of the Lance series, so naturally you can expect some big-time decisions to be made, some important elements to come into play, all sorts of things leading up to the grand finale in Book 5. And don’t forget to shop the rest of my store if you click that option… the Supposed Crime section has all kinds of goodies, including Forever Burn, a firefighter romance with supernatural elements, two lesbian romance novels by C.E. Case and, coming soon, two new ebook releases by Lara Zielinsky! Not to mention ALL of my other books. One-stop shopping!

In 2008, Claire Lance was accused of a heinous crime that she didn’t commit. Rather than taking the blame for something so horrible, Lance ran. Aimlessly wandering the country, Lance is content to just keep her head down and keep moving so she can’t be found. Everything changes one fatal afternoon in a Texas bar when Lance is forced to choose between her anonymity and witnessing another crime she couldn’t bear to have on her conscience. With a particularly dedicated FBI agent hot on her trail, Lance is forced to give up hiding in order to save someone’s life.

And that begins the five-book saga of Claire Lance in the novel Tilting at Windmills, first released by PD Publishing in 2009. The last four books in the series have been unavailable in any format until now! Supposed Crimes has released another two-fer today: Tilting at Windmills introduces Lance to new readers, while Only Flame and Air picks up where the first novel left off and sets Lance on a new course. The last three novels in the series will be released in a timely manner. Keep your eyes on this space for updates! And keep your eye on the website’s store for links!

One of the most-asked questions I get is when my first five (The Five) novels will be available for Kindle/Nook/Kobo/etc. Today I finally have an answer: soon.

Okay, I know that’s the answer I’ve been giving for about two years, but there’s been a shakeup that means this “soon” is different from the “soon” I’ve been giving all that time. P.D. Publishing has made the sad decision to close their doors at the end of 2013, and the majority of this year will be spent tying up loose ends and getting their authors situated. I’ve signed my termination papers with them and I’m effectively no longer a member of the P.D. family.

As an aside, if you want an original paperback copy of one of my P.D. novels, I’d suggest moving quickly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for a while.

But not forever! Because I’d already found a new home with Supposed Crimes, it was just a matter of shifting boxes from one house to another. The new company is more focused on ebooks than paperbacks, and for good reason. If I wanted to make a numerical comparison between paperback sells versus ebook sales of the same book, it would make the paperback look very, very bad. A few days ago on Amazon, the paperback version of the first Underdogs novel was one million positions higher than the ebook version. The price and the convenience of ebooks has made the race extremely lopsided.

So Supposed Crimes will finally be re-releasing The Five in ebook format. Gemini is already available, and the others (On the Air, World on Fire, Tilting at Windmills and The Following Sea) will follow in short order! In addition, the unreleased novels I had contracted with P.D. Publishing will also be released! That’s Silence Out Loud, Only Flame and Air (Claire Lance 2), Confused by Shadows (Claire Lance 3), Chasing Dragons (Claire Lance 4), and What Matter Wounds? (Claire Lance 5). That’s right, Claire Lance will reach the end of her road at long last! The series was originally written to end in 2012, so hopefully the final novel will come out in 2013. A little late, but better than how it was looking at the end of last year.

As an aside to other P.D. authors who are still looking for a home… please get in touch with Supposed Crimes! The boss wanted to create a P.D. Imprint since the company’s inception, so she’s willing to offer everyone who needs a new publisher a chance to keep their books in print. You can find information about the company here:

Well, looks like my Twitter rant about how my career with PD Publishing was over jumped the gun a little. On New Years’ Eve, the ladies revealed that they are shutting their doors in late 2013. Right now they’re just cleaning house a bit, taking care of outstanding contractual issues and finding new homes for their books. Fortunately, I’m able to jump ship onto a completely new boat and land with both feet on Supposed Crimes. The actual changes to me will be minimal. I stopped seeing PD Publishing as a viable home for my writing a while ago, which may sound rude but it’s true. If it wasn’t for Supposed Crimes I would most likely be digging a ditch right now and looking back fondly on my brief time as an award-winning published author. So I will be even more grateful to the SC now than I was in the past.

I’m hopeful about this turn of events. People have been asking me about when my PD novels would be released as ebooks, and it’s been a growing source of frustration for me that I’ve been forced to answer “I don’t know… soon, I hope?” With this turn of events it means that “soon” may actually BE soon. Supposed Crimes has wanted to get the rights to my P.D. novels for a while now, but they couldn’t get an answer one way or the other. Now that they’re closing doors, I have high hopes that we can finally get something worked out so that my Squire’s Isle books like On the Air and Gemini remain in print.

This would also mean that the Claire Lance series – which began in Tilting at Windmills – can finally have the conclusion it deserves. The last four books in the series have been written, they just needed to be put out. Now there’s a chance that will happen.

The downside will be that these will most likely be ebook-only releases (I haven’t talked to Supposed Crimes about this, but it seems plausible). I’m not sure how big of a downside that will be, since we’re having much more success with ebook sales than actual paperback purchases.

The important thing is that these books will be OUT THERE. I can’t wait until Silence Out Loud is finally available, or until the last word in Claire Lance’s adventures is finally read.

I’m very hopeful. I’ll let you know more about this as I get more information from the various people who operate over my head.

There’s probably an author out there who is worse at updating their site/blog, but right now I can’t think of any. Mea culpa! I have two books on the verge of release, The Following Sea AND the second book in the Claire Lance series, Only Flame and Air. Keep your eyes peeled for those! Also, both seasons of Riley Parra are now out in paperback as well as ebooks, and Season Three of Riley begins taking subscriptions SEPTEMBER 9! So a very special time in  Geonn-land.

The purpose of this post, though, is to announce a new story!

Kim Pritekel is doing a lovely little anthology called “101 Strange Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life.” My contribution, “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” is available now for $2.50 at her website! Be sure to check out the other stories, too. If you like Underdogs, the second story might interest you. ;-D

Here’s a sneak peek at my story, the opening teaser…

<center><b>Nothing Up My Sleeve</b>
by Geonn Cannon</center>
The love of my life took the loaded gun with a smile. She checked the chambers and slapped the wheel into place. She took a stance with her body facing forward, turned sideways to my point of view. She aimed the gun at my head so that I could see down the barrel. She closed her left eye, as she was aiming with her left hand. I stood ten feet away with my chin held high. She cocked the weapon. I took a deep breath.

“It’s nothing personal, darlin’.”

I smiled. “Certainly not.”

She fired.

My head whipped back and I fell to the hardwood of the stage with a sickening thump.

The room was utterly silent. I could hear feet shifting on the carpet from the other side of the auditorium. Someone asked ‘Is she hurt?’ I pushed myself to my feet and crossed my legs at the ankles, spinning to face the crowd. The bullet was proudly displayed between my teeth.

The crowed erupted in applause as the love of my life walked toward me. We linked fingers and we bowed. We straightened, the spotlight scorching our eyes and threatening to melt the pancake makeup we wore, but we remained as the crowd continued their adoration.

We bowed.

My fantastic friend Del Dryden makes trailers for her novels, and I expressed jealousy. She immediately offered to make one for me, and I jumped on the opportunity. So I’d like to present to you the trailer for my new novel, the first in the Claire Lance series, Tilting at Windmills! Check it out on the YouTube!