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Yep, actual news! This morning I received the final preview PDF for Gemini! You know what that means: coming soon to an online retailer near you (or a bookstore. Ask your bookseller if they have PD Publishing books and, if not, why they don’t!). Hopefully it won’t be too much longer now. ~rubs hands together~ I can’t wait! Keep your eyes here for future updates, as well as something special my webmistress (the lovely Morgan) and I have put together to commemorate Gemini‘s release. Stay tuned!

Got some new news from P.D. today and I thought I would pass it along! I’m not sure of the timeline involved, but according to Linda, Gemini is the fifth book in their current schedule. That means it’s waiting behind four others to be proofed, typeset, and sent to the printer. World on Fire is #12 in that same stack (so seven books behind Gemini.)

So it’s not a firm date on the calendar yet, but it’s moving forward. And forward progress is always good!

Now, since my body can’t seem to decide between being completely sick or getting well, I haven’t written very much at all lately. Hopefully the feeling will pass soon. I’m sick of throwing up for no reason. :/

Not really much to update in this post, I’m afraid, but I thought I would go ahead and make a post so people don’t think I’ve gone mute. <g> I managed to finish revising The Following Sea and I’ve sent it off to P.D. So expect word on that sometime in… well, judging from how long it’s been on Silence Out Loud, I would say sometime in December of this year. Maybe. But I’m not bitter. It’s a busy time. I understand. Sort of. <g> Actually, before I wrote this post (I hardly ever check my Yahoo mail because it… well, sucks), Linda from P.D. sent me an email about Silence Out Loud. They want it, but “not in the form that it’s presently in.” Which means I have to go back, rewrite a lot of it, and resubmit it to them. At which point it’s another long waiting game to see if they want it or not. ~heavy sigh~

As you can tell from above, I still don’t have any info on Gemini or World on Fire release dates. I’ll let everyone know as soon as there’s news to share, promise.

I also managed to finish my Valentine’s story for the Academy. So it’s nice to have that out of the way. I have one more story to write (which is due in March, and I haven’t even the inkling of an idea yet) before I can focus on another novel. I have two in mind, and I’m not sure which one I’ll pick to write. I may just flip a coin. <g>

In reading: This month I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larssen. It got a lot of good press, and it was being held up as some brilliant piece of literature. I mean, I first heard about it on NPR, for crying out loud. But now, having read it… it’s just a standard murder mystery. And not a particularly good one. The last hundred pages or so are unbelievably boring. It felt like the plot ran out of steam and the author just kept writing because… well, because he wanted a longer book. Yes, he was tying up loose ends, but it should not have taken that long. And it should not have been that dull. I would give this one a definite pass, if I were you.

This has been a rather long post to say… I have very little to say. Hopefully I will have Gemini news for you before too long! ~fingers crossed~

Okay, folks, I just got off the metaphorical phone with Barb from P.D. Publishing, and I gots an update with you. Literally, just off the phone. Had it been an actual phone, the receiver would still be warm. Gemini is still running just a touch behind schedule, but World on Fire is right on track. What with the holidays coming up, and awards season beginning in January, P.D. decided to wait to release Gemini in January of ’09. World on Fire, on the other hand, is going along swimmingly, and should be out in March, or very soon after that.

So, after a year of being very, very patient (and thank you all for your patience) you will be getting two releases from me in the first half of 2009! Hopefully Tilting at Windmills will be just as speedy and get moved up, too. I just can’t wait to get Claire Lance out into the world. <g>

So save your Christmas money! Start saving pennies. Because I’m counting on all of you ~points finger Uncle-Sam-wise~ to buy my books! Not for me. Do it for the economy. Spend a little money and that economy will bulk right up. And if not, well, hey, you have a nice couple of books to read in the soup line. <g>

I’m yours! Or, rather, Tilting at Windmills is P.D. Publishing’s. I have the signed contract and the sweet little advance check (which I may or may not have already been spending. ~cough~ What can I say, I have trust in my bosses. <g>), so it’s officially official even if the P.D. website hasn’t been updated yet (I understand their need; I figure they’re waiting until they have a nice amount of news to post at once rather than just posting every single new development. Totally wise, and totally what I would do in their case).

So be on the lookout for Claire Lance and the first novel in her series, coming late 2009!

Speaking of the series, I’m thinking of giving it an all-encompassing name. Like “Tilting at Windmills is the first story in the [blank] series.” I’m thinking of the Josh Ritter lyric, “The Stories of My Scars,” which really kind of fits what poor Lance has to go through in these books (she does come out with a scar or two before the series is over, poor thing). We shall see what happens!

And speaking of Josh Ritter… if you already have my novel On the Air, and once you buy Gemini (coming very soon! <g>), consider buying a Josh Ritter CD. Historical Conquests, Animal Years, any of them would be a good buy! /end commercial

It’s already September? Wow, how did that happen? August was a slow month for blog-posting, apparently, but not for me writing-wise. I danced a submission tango with PD, withdrawing Following Sea and exchanging Silence Out Loud, finishing up Tilting at Windmills to give their editors a crack at it and then working with the amazing Medora to finish edits on Gemini (which is, as of now, out of my hands entirely. I think. I still need the blurb and dedication, but that’ll be easy enough to come up with).

On top of all that, I amazed myself (and some of my friends) by tossing out a first draft to a new novel in six days. It’s only 50,000 words and needs to be bulked up (it’ll be easily bulked up; my muse seems to think I left out a ton of important stuff) before I submit it, but I’m very pleased with how it looks. I love two of the characters in it so much, don’t be surprised if they show up in another story before the novel even becomes a “Coming Soon.” <g>

For right now, I need to be focused. I need an NCIS story for an auction winner who paid mightily for the honor of having a story written by me and has been supremely patient for it, and a Halloween story for the Academy of Bards (I just love that place).

My recommendations for September: Get out and read! It may be rainy where you are, or maybe you’ve just turned out your lights in solidarity with those in the path of Hurricane Gustav, but either way, it’s a good time of year for books. Laurie R King has two great series: a modern-day mystery series that focuses on Kate Martinelli, a lesbian detective in San Francisco. The other deals with Mary Russell, apprentice and partner to the great Sherlock Holmes. Both series are very well-written and worth a look!

Be well!

This past week has been fun. I spent it juggling three different novels: Tilting at Windmills, which needs to have a final edit sent in by October for P.D.’s editors; Gemini, which came to me for the final tech edit; and Silence Out Loud, which I really wanted to get revised and submitted. Juggling novels. It’s not quite as awe-inspiring as juggling knives or fire… unless you happen to be the author. Then, boy, wow, look out!

Well, today I sent back the final edit of Gemini and Silence Out Loud has gotten all the new scenes/revised lines that it needed for me to feel it was done. So it has been sent off to P.D. Fingers crossed on that, because I haven’t felt so strongly about a novel since… well, since Tilting. And you all should know how that turned out! <g>

Now all that is left is for me to get Tilting finished up and sent back to them (it really is almost done, I swear, I’m just going to put a few more bells and whistles in one or two scenes and then it’s good to go).

~deep breath~ It’s kind of fun juggling three novels. As long as I don’t have to do it longer than a week. <g> And if P.D. had sent me edits on World on Fire during this, I fear I may have dropped a ball or two. But it all worked out in the end!

~prepares to relax… slightly~

No biggie, since the official release date on the website says “Fall,” but I thought I would let people know there may be a slight delay on the publication of Gemini. Not long, maybe a month or two (as with On the Air), but it is on it’s way. People are hard at work getting it ready for release.

I just thought I would let everyone know it was pushed back a bit, so no worries if September comes and goes without a new Geonn Cannon book. <g>

In other news, with Tilting at Windmills signed and contracted, I’ve been putting a lot of thought toward the next novels in the series. I have titles, character names, basic plots… so I’m pretty excited. <g> Keep your eyes peeled! Late 2009, that’s the expected release for that one (obviously subject to change, as seen above).

This has been asked of me several times, so I thought I would finally put this up for everyone to see. I’m just antsy about making it official, ie putting it on my website, because I’m still fiddling with it.

This is the chronological order of my canon stories. Meaning these stories could be referenced in future stories, or can be considered “official” events for the people of Squire’s Isle. If it’s not on this list, it’s not official in my mind, and can be read in any order you’d like. This is a tentative list, and always changing. The short stories either are, or will be shortly, available in the Coffee Table  Books section of my website unless otherwise noted.

Prison Grove
Workwoman’s Wages
World on Fire
(novel, to be published early 2009)
Doing Laundry on Valentine’s Day
On the Air
Rounding Home
Patricia’s Portrait
The Christmas Boat (Christmas, 2007)
Ferry Tale
Baked Goods
Gemini (novel to be published late 2008)
Everything for Time

Better Sorry Than Safe

Fairytales of Squire’s Isle (Christmas, 2008)
Separation Anxiety
Eating Out in Squire’s Isle
In Every Port (to be published in January 2009 issue of Khimairal Ink)

Well, I have gone through the editor’s first edit of “Gemini,” and I’m in a bit of limbo right now. I’m letting it rest and letting the changes simmer before I go back and go through it one more time. I’ll send it back to her tomorrow, I think, so she can get to work on the third go-round.

So another step on the road to getting “Gemini” in everyone’s hands is underway!

In other writing news, once the editor has the novel again, I’m going to go back and polish a new story called “Widow’s Walk.” The bits and pieces of this one have been floating around for a while, so it’s good to finally have a lot of stuff that’s been bothering the muse down in a story at last.