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We’re in the final few hours for the Storybundle that includes Trafalgar & Boone and Stag & Hound, plus nine other fantastic novels! In case you missed my last post, you pay $5 for five novels. But if you pay a little bit more, you get ELEVEN novels. Just barely a dollar each. Not too shabby! The Storybundle has been going so well that Heather Rose Jones has decided to give five lucky bundle purchases an extra reward for their support (you can read all about her giveaway over on her blog and comment to win!). I’ve decided I want to follow her lead and do the same thing.

We’re very close to a really cool milestone. If we manage to cross that line, I’ll put up a post like Heather’s. The first five people who comment saying they bought the Storybundle (we’re going by the honor system here) will get a copy of Trafalgar & Boone in the Drowned Necropolis, the sequel to the Trafalgar & Boone novel in the bundle. You won’t even be able to buy it until September 1, but since you were so super-cool enough to support authors and some fantastic charities, I want to reward you a little bit.

If you’ve already bought the bundle, thank you! I hope you enjoy the stories! If you haven’t hopefully this is just the incentive you needed to dive in!

For two more weeks, you can head over to Storybundle and get a great deal on five novels – including my novel, The Virtuous Feats of the Indomitable Miss Trafalgar and the Erudite Lady Boone, which Kirkus Reviews named one of their best indie books of 2015. If you pay a little bit more, you also get access to six other novels. The bonus bundle includes another novel I wrote called Stag & Hound. It’s a complete standalone, but I thought I would say a few words about the greater universe in which it takes place.

Stag & Hound takes place in a world in which werewolves exist. Their species is canidae, and transforming is an ability they’re born with. They can change whenever they wish, meaning there’s no reason to wait for a full moon if they want to bring out the wolf, but there is a reason for the myth: the wolf is a part of who they are, so going more than a month without changing is extremely difficult. If they go more than three or four weeks, the transformation can happen abruptly. Canidae exist in secret after being persecuted and hunted for thousands of years by a group of humans called Hunters. Being bitten does transfer the ability to change but, if it happens when the victim is an adult, their body won’t be able to handle the transformation. The first change is a death sentence if it doesn’t happen before puberty.

I first started writing about canidae for a Halloween story invitational at Academy of Bards (a great place to find lesbian-centric fiction that grew out of the Xena fandom). I was stumped for an idea and decided “werewolves” and “private investigator” was a fun idea. So I created Ariadne Willow, a modern-day PI working in Seattle with her then-assistant, Dale Frye. I ended up liking the character enough that I wrote three stories for them. There wasn’t much of a response, so I sort of put them aside for a while. I came back when I was inspired for a fourth story, and people blew up. Commenting on the new story, telling me they’d gone back to read the others, asking when there would be more… It didn’t take long to realize there was a lot of potential in these characters and their world, so I decided it was time to turn it into a novel.

The Underdogs series is now five books strong, with a sixth on the way. When I was planning the second installment (Beware of Wolf), I came up with the idea of a historical event that Ariadne knew as a fairy tale that involved a female soldier in the Napoleonic Wars falling in love with a canidae. I didn’t want to wedge it into the story as a flashback (the novel already had two plotlines, and adding a third was just Too Much) so I wrote it out as a supplementary piece called Wolf at the Door. It allowed me to explore the history of canidae in a world just like ours without forcing the narrative on Ari and Dale.

So once those floodgates were open, I knew I wanted to write more of what I called “classical canidae.” So far the majority of them are follow-ups to Wolf at the Door, but I’ve also written stories about a canidae rumrunner and wolves in medieval times (you can find them here for free). And now, the second full-length novel featuring classical canidae takes them behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied France. I hope you enjoy it!

There’s a whole world of stories waiting to be told in the future for Ari and Dale, but there is also a rich history just waiting to be discovered.

A few weeks ago, CBS aired the final episode of Person of Interest. It was an early but not unexpected ending, which gave the show time to wrap up their storylines. The result was a series that lasted five seasons and just over 100 episodes. It was a show that told a story with a distinct beginning, middle, and ending, a show that had elements of its endgame hidden in some of the earliest episodes. The characters were given appropriate (if tragic, in some cases) final chapters. And when the last scene faded to black, we were left with a show that had told its story and was closing the book.

There are people passing around petitions for a sixth season on Netflix. I’m not signing any of them, even though I count Person of Interest as maybe my favorite show of all time. I don’t want more. I don’t want forced plotlines and watered down versions of the greatness that came before. Too often, shows overstay their welcome just so they can say it’s still on. I loved The Good Wife, but my love for it waned hard and fast to the point where I haven’t even started the final season. Stargate SG-1 reigns supreme as my favorite show, but even I admit the last few seasons weren’t its best (although I’ll be forever grateful we got to know Vala). I’m not happy that there will never be any new Person of Interest, but I’m very glad that we got what we did and that it never went downhill in terms of quality.

That’s the importance of ending. I’ve written a few series in my time, and the first two had very distinct endings. The Claire Lance series was created with a fifth book in mind because I knew it wouldn’t make any sense to have her running endlessly. There had to be an end to her road. As much as I loved her and I loved writing for her, I had to give her peace eventually. The same thing happened with Riley Parra. I didn’t know exactly how long she would go on (it ended up being five books as well). I could have written her until the end of time and been very happy to do so. But I knew that eventually she deserved to rest. She deserved a happy ending. Her supporting cast deserved their endings as well.

I’m currently writing two series that I’ve planned to be ongoing: Underdogs and Trafalgar & Boone. The former is on book 5, with no ending in sight. I’ve crafted that series to have built-in finales every few books. The third book ended one story, and book 5 begins a new arc, with standalones sprinkled throughout. Ariadne and Dale will continue to grow and evolve. The stories will begin and end so new readers can slip in whenever and wherever they want. But eventually I will either end or slow down the series to give Ari and Dale a final ending so they can have some peace, too. Trafalgar & Boone is a bit trickier. I’m not sure how many books will be in that series when all is said and done, but I’m definitely planning for more than five. Seven seems like a nice number, but we’ll see what transpires with the plot.

These days, everyone seems obsessed with continuations. The story must go on, the show must be renewed, the movie must have sequels and spawn a franchise. All good things come to an end, all stories need to eventually stop. The book needs to be closed so a new one can be opened. As much as I loved writing Riley and Claire (who may return in a series epilogue novel… stay tuned) and Ari and Trafalgar & Boone, I know eventually I’ll write them all for the last time. And while that’s sad, I’m excited about the possibilities. It changes how I’ll write them because I know there won’t be a chance to get it right later.

And then there’s the old adage: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” And once the story is done, you have the full story in front of you, and you can go back to the beginning to relive the story you loved knowing how it will all come together in the end. If the series keeps going in perpetuity, soon you have thirteen novels full of references to past stories that you half remember and would be incomprehensible to new readers. At that point it’s virtually impossible to give the series a graceful ending, so instead it just fades away. No one wants a story they once loved to fade into a pale shadow of its former self.

“The End” only means the story has stopped being told. It will always be there, waiting for you when you’re ready to revisit it.

Over the course of the GCLS Award-winning Underdogs series, Ariadne Willow has taken down a group of hunters eager to reignite a war between humans and wolves, fought drug smugglers, and fallen deeply in love with her girlfriend and assistant, Dale Frye. In the fifth book, WILDER ANIMALS, Ariadne and Dale are back in Seattle and back to work. A strange call from Clark Wilcox, a rival private investigator, in the middle of the night piques Ari’s interest even before the police arrive the following morning to tell her Wilcox killed himself immediately after hanging up. Ari and Dale set out to discover why Wilcox would kill himself puts her on the trail of an enemy who is willing to kill to keep his secrets.
Wilder Animals comes out July 1!

Order now, or catch up on the series here!

“…one of the most original werewolf stories I’ve ever encountered,” – Amazon review, Beware of Wolf

“I’m a fan of shifter stories and this is an excellent entry to the genre.” – Elisa (Rainbow Awards), Dogs of War

“Although the main characters are a lesbian couple, this is NOT a lesbian romance, but rather a lesbian action novel with a committed couple at its center. He writes lesbian sex better than some women I know.” – Amazon review, Dogs of War

“This series never ceases to amaze me with the ease I am drawn into each book and there is always something new and captivating happening!” – Inked Rainbow Reads, Red In Tooth and Claw

“It’s been a long time since I have been able to read a real romance/action book that was not based only on the same old story about the brooding butch that meet the perfect femme and how they faced adversity in 80% of the book and finally got together in the final chapter.” – Amazon review, Underdogs: The Novel

Wilder Animals

This month’s Patreon story went up today! It’s a prequel to Radiation Canary that tells the story of Lana Kent’s mother, explaining who she was and how she reacted to Lana’s sudden arrival in her life. Since I know some people may be wary of Patreon, giving their information to a site like that, or just don’t like the idea of a subscription, I’m making this one available as a one-off $1 purchase! Just go through Paypal and you should get a PDF from Dropbox (if not, let me know and I’ll fiddle with stuff). And if you want to see what Patreon is all about, you can find my page here!

Oh, and for anyone who may be worried about spoilers, you don’t actually have to read very much at all in order to read this. If you know what the Radiation Canary novels are about, you’re already more spoiled than this story will make you.

Summary: 1979. Metairie, Louisiana. Debra Kent and Celeste Lafitte begin a friendship that will take them through their final year of school and into a life neither of them ever anticipated.

The Remnant Fleet is out today!

A space opera epic with elements of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Firefly, and Defiance, The Remnant Fleet tells the story of a diverse group of aliens living and working on a space station at the edge of the Sol system. The Humans built the station and immediately found themselves in the midst of a wide and dangerous universe where they’re nowhere near the top of the food chain.

“This fascinating novel once again shows Mr Cannon’s versatility as a distinguished and entertaining writer.” – Inked Rainbow Reads

“For those that look to Cannon for positive women-loving-women portrayal, that point is more than satisfied with a diversity of couples, tastes, and persuasions. If you’re looking for a one-stop sci-fi romp to scratch that space-faring itch with a good amount of LGBT+ representation among the characters, The Remnant Fleet delivers.” – Ruth Moore, Goodreads

In paperback and ebook versions!

By popular demand polite request, I’ve written the official backstory of Dash Warren and Naomi Marrow. I’ve left a few things out because I felt they deserve their own stories that I might go back and cover at some point. I just don’t want to throw all my Dash Warren stories into one pile. I may have let her die, but I won’t let her pass away completely. πŸ˜‰ And because this ended up being such a large story, I decided to do something different. Sort of an experiment, suggested by one of the people who requested the story (thanks, Britt!). You can download the story in PDF format from Dropbox by following this link. I tried to make an option where you can pay zero and still get the story, but apparently Paypal isn’t going to play ball with that. So I made the cheapest option paying a penny, because that seems like the closest thing to nothing you can get. And I’ve always wondered what it would be like to busk as a writer. πŸ˜‰ If there are any issues, please let me know!

Lessons in Cartography

Set after Radiation Canary: Greatest Hits: The offices of Cartography Records plays host to a documentary crew interviewing people from Dash Warren’s life. Naomi Marrow is more than happy to help, even if some of the memories are more painful than others.

Pay What You Like!

Want a signed copy of Radiation Canary: Greatest Hits or my upcoming scifi novel The Remnant Fleet? It’s easy as hitting one of these buttons! There are only three copies of RC:GH available and only five of TRF, so if you want one you shouldn’t delay! Just click through and voila! You’ll get your copy ASAP. If you order Remnant Fleet now, you’ll get it before the June release! The price will be $25 for Radiation Canary and $20 for The Remnant Fleet. Order yours now before they’re all gone! If you live outside the US, leave a comment before making your order and I’ll see what we can work out (since shipping will probably be a bit trickier in those cases).

Radation Canary Greatest Hits SIGNED hardcover!

The Remnant Fleet SIGNED paperback!

We’re just a few days away from the release of Radiation Canary: Greatest Hits! Just like how I didn’t want to write the first novel, I didn’t think there was ever going to be a sequel. But the Canaries kept pestering me until I discovered there was indeed another story waiting to be told. So I went got the band back together! Lana, Karen, Codie, and the newly-rebranded Vanessa (formerly Nessa) are back onstage and in the studio working on their comeback album. But will the audience be willing to welcome them back?

In honor of the release, I sat down one night and began doodling. The end result is a picture of Lana and Karen as I’ve always seen them in my head (notice I kept their faces turned away, just in case your idea of their faces differ from mine). But I couldn’t resist sharing this as part of the roll-out.

Lana and Karen

Get your copy here, or wherever hardcovers and ebooks are sold, add it to your Goodreads, tell your friends about it!

And let me know in the comments if you’re interested in buying a signed hardcover directly from the source. I’m not sure when I’ll open that up, but if the demand is there, I’ll make sure it happens as quickly as possible! If you want to buy a signed hardcover ofΒ The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary, that can definitely be arranged as well. If you want one of each, well… kudos to you, Moneybags! But I’d be happy to give you the details for that as well.

See you February 1!

This was originally going to be the first book in a new series. For one reason or another, it never happened. Since this book sets up a mystery I’ve given up solving or resolving in any way, I decided not to publish it. But I want to offer it up for free for completion sake. This book is set on Squire’s Isle, so you might find a connection or two to the official stories that will be fun. And even if the series was abandoned, I feel it’s a pretty solid novel on its own. The main story IS resolved, it’s just the overarcing story about Elizabeth that is left open-ended. And you never know, I might bring her back in one way or another.

Get your copy for free from Supposed Crimes’ website or Smashwords!Displaying guardme_blank.jpg

Guard MeDisplaying guardme_blank.jpg

Guard Me Cover