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This month’s Patreon story went up today! It’s a prequel to Radiation Canary that tells the story of Lana Kent’s mother, explaining who she was and how she reacted to Lana’s sudden arrival in her life. Since I know some people may be wary of Patreon, giving their information to a site like that, or just don’t like the idea of a subscription, I’m making this one available as a one-off $1 purchase! Just go through Paypal and you should get a PDF from Dropbox (if not, let me know and I’ll fiddle with stuff). And if you want to see what Patreon is all about, you can find my page here!

Oh, and for anyone who may be worried about spoilers, you don’t actually have to read very much at all in order to read this. If you know what the Radiation Canary novels are about, you’re already more spoiled than this story will make you.

Summary: 1979. Metairie, Louisiana. Debra Kent and Celeste Lafitte begin a friendship that will take them through their final year of school and into a life neither of them ever anticipated.

In honor of the hardcover release of The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary (available now from Amazon, B&N, or wherever you buy books!), a brand-new “bonus track” story featuring Lana Kent. This takes place during their “off” year of 2010 before their live album, when the band was focusing less on recording and more on just enjoying their newfound celebrity. This doesn’t spoil any larger plot points of the book, it’s just a fun little side story about what the girls got up to one Saturday afternoon.

Perfect Pitch

by Geonn Cannon

Copyright © 2014 Geonn Cannon

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Remember the video where 20 strangers kiss for the first time? Right after it came out, it went viral, and even though it was later revealed that it was shot as an advertisement, the effect was pretty amazing.

Attraction is…attractive.

So attractive, in fact, that it inspired a group of us to get together and write our own version of “20 Strangers Kissing.” Except in this case, it’s over 20 authors, each writing a flash fiction piece about two strangers who share their first kiss on camera. You can find the full list of participating authors here, and you can read my story by just continuing to read on! (And many, many, many thanks to AJ Cousins for inviting me to play along in this!)



by Geonn Cannon



“You sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“We don’t have to do this.”

I looked at the camera and the woman hiding behind it. She was my oldest friend, the one who had gotten me the job in the first place, and the director of the video, Tracy Baxter. She saw me looking at her through the preview screen and met my gaze. I looked away, looked at Aurora, and she smiled reassuringly. I returned the smile out of habit but realized that I actually felt it. Her eyes were so blue up close and in this light. Why had I not noticed how blue they were when I did her makeup before? I nodded and put my hand on her arm, just above her elbow. I nodded. This was just a person, a beautiful person I would have been lucky to kiss if I had to choose. If I would have chosen a woman.

“Yeah. I want to do it.”

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In anticipation of the next Riley story, “Angels Would Fall,” being posted on June 11, there’s a new “Open and Shut” story available! Right now, it’s only available on the Academy website, but once the Wonderful Webmistress has recovered from her great weekend it’ll be on the Riley page. I told her to take her time because I know how you just need a little while to deflate before you do anything substantial. <g>

But the story IS up at the Academy, so go take a look. It takes place immediately after “Losing My Religion.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that my novella Better Angels is a hit. According to my lovely webmistress, it has had over 4000 downloads since going live about two weeks ago. Even with duplicates, that’s pretty amazing. I hope everyone who has downloaded has enjoyed the story! The people who have sent me feedback have let me know that a second story in the series is very much want so I’m working on that as we speak. Well, as I type. It will be called No Use Crying, and it won’t be quite as lengthy as Better Angels. <g> Look for it soon!

Also, some very exciting news that I can’t quite tell you about yet. But trust me, it’s big. 😉

Keep reading and downloading, folks! There will be more Riley Parra soon enough. 🙂

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the long time between posts, but I have very little to report. Unfortunately. <g> But I come to you with a new story announcement! So that’s good, right? Everyone should run over to the Academy of Bards and check out my new Valentine’s Story. And while you’re there, check out all the other stories (and remember to send feedback to all the lovely authors! <g>)

Hallmark Holiday

What a way to start a new year! My short story “In Every Port,” featuring Nicole ‘Nick’ Bronwyn, is now available in Khimairal Ink’s January issue! According to the editor’s note, the stories in this issue all deal with non-coming out stories. That definitely applies to mine! Although I won’t tell you how. You just have to read it. <g> My story starts on Page 20, but go ahead, read the other stories, too. They worked just as hard as I did, after all! 🙂

That would be a nifty embedded link, but my blog is being a knucklehead tonight and is not letting me do any tricks. So I figure it will have to do. Enjoy!

This has been asked of me several times, so I thought I would finally put this up for everyone to see. I’m just antsy about making it official, ie putting it on my website, because I’m still fiddling with it.

This is the chronological order of my canon stories. Meaning these stories could be referenced in future stories, or can be considered “official” events for the people of Squire’s Isle. If it’s not on this list, it’s not official in my mind, and can be read in any order you’d like. This is a tentative list, and always changing. The short stories either are, or will be shortly, available in the Coffee Table  Books section of my website unless otherwise noted.

Prison Grove
Workwoman’s Wages
World on Fire
(novel, to be published early 2009)
Doing Laundry on Valentine’s Day
On the Air
Rounding Home
Patricia’s Portrait
The Christmas Boat (Christmas, 2007)
Ferry Tale
Baked Goods
Gemini (novel to be published late 2008)
Everything for Time

Better Sorry Than Safe

Fairytales of Squire’s Isle (Christmas, 2008)
Separation Anxiety
Eating Out in Squire’s Isle
In Every Port (to be published in January 2009 issue of Khimairal Ink)

Hey, everyone! There’s a new toy that I can now see where people are visiting my blog come from. And it’s, to be quite honest, kind of remarkable. Germany and Uzbekistan seem to have the biggest visitors. So hello to all you out there! Drop me a line and say hello, let me know how you happened across my little world. And most of all if you enjoyed the stories/books. <g>

Secondly, about two weeks after Vital Signs was published in Khimairal Ink, they accepted a second short story, In Every Port, to be published in their January 2009 issue. That’s, what, five or six months away? Expect more reminders between now and then. The story is not so much a sequel, but a continuization of the short story Baked Goods, available on my website in the Coffee Table Books section.

And to all you people out there visiting my blog from all over the world… welcome! Hope you like what you see! 😀

My short story “Vital Signs” is now available in Khimairal Ink’s July issue. Go check it out, let me know what you think. And while you’re there, check out the other stories in the issue (one of them is by a friend of mine, but I’m not going to tell you which one ;D). “Vital Signs” is a story about how a woman deals with being differently-abled, but is still able to live life to the fullest.

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