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One of the most-asked questions I get is when my first five (The Five) novels will be available for Kindle/Nook/Kobo/etc. Today I finally have an answer: soon.

Okay, I know that’s the answer I’ve been giving for about two years, but there’s been a shakeup that means this “soon” is different from the “soon” I’ve been giving all that time. P.D. Publishing has made the sad decision to close their doors at the end of 2013, and the majority of this year will be spent tying up loose ends and getting their authors situated. I’ve signed my termination papers with them and I’m effectively no longer a member of the P.D. family.

As an aside, if you want an original paperback copy of one of my P.D. novels, I’d suggest moving quickly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for a while.

But not forever! Because I’d already found a new home with Supposed Crimes, it was just a matter of shifting boxes from one house to another. The new company is more focused on ebooks than paperbacks, and for good reason. If I wanted to make a numerical comparison between paperback sells versus ebook sales of the same book, it would make the paperback look very, very bad. A few days ago on Amazon, the paperback version of the first Underdogs novel was one million positions higher than the ebook version. The price and the convenience of ebooks has made the race extremely lopsided.

So Supposed Crimes will finally be re-releasing The Five in ebook format. Gemini is already available, and the others (On the Air, World on Fire, Tilting at Windmills and The Following Sea) will follow in short order! In addition, the unreleased novels I had contracted with P.D. Publishing will also be released! That’s Silence Out Loud, Only Flame and Air (Claire Lance 2), Confused by Shadows (Claire Lance 3), Chasing Dragons (Claire Lance 4), and What Matter Wounds? (Claire Lance 5). That’s right, Claire Lance will reach the end of her road at long last! The series was originally written to end in 2012, so hopefully the final novel will come out in 2013. A little late, but better than how it was looking at the end of last year.

As an aside to other P.D. authors who are still looking for a home… please get in touch with Supposed Crimes! The boss wanted to create a P.D. Imprint since the company’s inception, so she’s willing to offer everyone who needs a new publisher a chance to keep their books in print. You can find information about the company here:

Tonight is the GCLS Literary Awards down in Orlando, FL. I have TWO chances to be disappointed, but cross your fingers and eyes and toes. I don’t know when the awards will be announced, but it’ll probably be tomorrow before I find anything out one way or another. I’m hopeful but realistic. ~g~ I’ll let everyone know what I know as soon as I know it (if not before).

Also, in news that doesn’t actually affect me, Sanctuary is up for an amazing 17 awards at the Leo Awards tonight in Vancouver. Amanda Tapping is nominated for Best Actress for Pavor Nocturnus, which is one of the most amazing performances I’ve seen out of the lovely Mrs. Tapping. She deserves the award for so much of Sanctuary (especially Season 2, with episodes like End of Nights, Next Tuesday, Veritas, and Haunted), but that episode specifically… I hope she gets it.

Also, my fourth novel Tilting at Windmills is moving ever closer to the finishing stages! Hopefully everyone can run out and buy that for their beach-reading (because then the books will get wet and sandy and covered with sunscreen so you might as well just buy two at the same time, don’t you think? Just to be on the safe side?).

And those of you eagerly awaiting Riley Parra Season 2? There is progress on that. Good progress! Keep your eyes peeled!

I’ll see everyone soon! I hope!

Yesterday, I got some amazing news from my editor. Apparently Gemini and World on Fire have been shortlisted on the Golden Crown Literary Society Awards! I’m one of eight who will vie for the official, shiny award. I know, I know, everyone says it’s an honor to just be nominated. Because it is. I have three books available, and to have two of them on the shortlist to win awards is humbling. I can only hope I keep up with the quality that earned me this space. And if I actually win, well, I’ll just have to give it 110% from now on. I may just do that anyway. <g>

Thanks to the judges for giving a relative newcomer to the world this amazing honor!

We’re back! The site looks a little different, but it should be an easier place to wander around. Wander around and enjoy the stories!

Speaking of stories, I have an inexcusable error to correct. Firstly, World on Fire didn’t have an acknowldgements page. I sort of made up by that with an earlier post in this blog, but I completely forgot someone who provided very valuable input. Patty Schramm gave me great insight into firefighting terms and practices, and without her, the book would have far more mistakes. And any mistakes left in are due to me not listening rather than her giving faulty information. She did the best she could with a stubborn writer. <g>

So thank you, Pat. I’m sorry I forgot about you. 🙁

Got some new news from P.D. today and I thought I would pass it along! I’m not sure of the timeline involved, but according to Linda, Gemini is the fifth book in their current schedule. That means it’s waiting behind four others to be proofed, typeset, and sent to the printer. World on Fire is #12 in that same stack (so seven books behind Gemini.)

So it’s not a firm date on the calendar yet, but it’s moving forward. And forward progress is always good!

Now, since my body can’t seem to decide between being completely sick or getting well, I haven’t written very much at all lately. Hopefully the feeling will pass soon. I’m sick of throwing up for no reason. :/

Not really much to update in this post, I’m afraid, but I thought I would go ahead and make a post so people don’t think I’ve gone mute. <g> I managed to finish revising The Following Sea and I’ve sent it off to P.D. So expect word on that sometime in… well, judging from how long it’s been on Silence Out Loud, I would say sometime in December of this year. Maybe. But I’m not bitter. It’s a busy time. I understand. Sort of. <g> Actually, before I wrote this post (I hardly ever check my Yahoo mail because it… well, sucks), Linda from P.D. sent me an email about Silence Out Loud. They want it, but “not in the form that it’s presently in.” Which means I have to go back, rewrite a lot of it, and resubmit it to them. At which point it’s another long waiting game to see if they want it or not. ~heavy sigh~

As you can tell from above, I still don’t have any info on Gemini or World on Fire release dates. I’ll let everyone know as soon as there’s news to share, promise.

I also managed to finish my Valentine’s story for the Academy. So it’s nice to have that out of the way. I have one more story to write (which is due in March, and I haven’t even the inkling of an idea yet) before I can focus on another novel. I have two in mind, and I’m not sure which one I’ll pick to write. I may just flip a coin. <g>

In reading: This month I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larssen. It got a lot of good press, and it was being held up as some brilliant piece of literature. I mean, I first heard about it on NPR, for crying out loud. But now, having read it… it’s just a standard murder mystery. And not a particularly good one. The last hundred pages or so are unbelievably boring. It felt like the plot ran out of steam and the author just kept writing because… well, because he wanted a longer book. Yes, he was tying up loose ends, but it should not have taken that long. And it should not have been that dull. I would give this one a definite pass, if I were you.

This has been a rather long post to say… I have very little to say. Hopefully I will have Gemini news for you before too long! ~fingers crossed~

Okay, folks, I just got off the metaphorical phone with Barb from P.D. Publishing, and I gots an update with you. Literally, just off the phone. Had it been an actual phone, the receiver would still be warm. Gemini is still running just a touch behind schedule, but World on Fire is right on track. What with the holidays coming up, and awards season beginning in January, P.D. decided to wait to release Gemini in January of ’09. World on Fire, on the other hand, is going along swimmingly, and should be out in March, or very soon after that.

So, after a year of being very, very patient (and thank you all for your patience) you will be getting two releases from me in the first half of 2009! Hopefully Tilting at Windmills will be just as speedy and get moved up, too. I just can’t wait to get Claire Lance out into the world. <g>

So save your Christmas money! Start saving pennies. Because I’m counting on all of you ~points finger Uncle-Sam-wise~ to buy my books! Not for me. Do it for the economy. Spend a little money and that economy will bulk right up. And if not, well, hey, you have a nice couple of books to read in the soup line. <g>

This weekend, I finish the first round of edits for World on Fire, and it’s one step closer to ready! The ending is slightly different from what I originally wrote, but it’ll affect potential sequels more than it does this book. I’m very, very happy with the changes, and I hope everyone else is as well! I mean… those who have read it before. People who read it the first time in published form will be none the wiser. Except I just told them. Oh. Um. <g>

In other writing news, I have been utterly uninspired to write lately. I don’t know what it is! I’m sure it’s just temporary. It happens a lot around this time of year, leading up to NaNo. I did catch a good amount of inspiration on a new novel I’ve been planning for a while now. We’ll see what comes of that. As it stands, I have three “finished” novels (either submitted, or ready to submit with some work) that I can focus on: Silence Out Loud, Only Flame and Air, and The Following Sea. Hopefully they will be released (eventually) in that order. The next book after TFS is another Claire Lance (from Tilting at Windmills) book, and I already know what I’ll be writing next. So I have my next five novels pretty much lined up. I shouldn’t sweat inspiration so much. I have time!

I also know I didn’t add a new story to the website in September. I WILL make up for that in October. I’ll be adding Alive Day and, should it ever get done, the Kelsey/Tyler follow-up I’ve been working on for, like, week or so. Keep your eyes open for that!

Wherever you are in the world: Good morning/afternoon/evening/dead of night, and thanks for reading.

This has been asked of me several times, so I thought I would finally put this up for everyone to see. I’m just antsy about making it official, ie putting it on my website, because I’m still fiddling with it.

This is the chronological order of my canon stories. Meaning these stories could be referenced in future stories, or can be considered “official” events for the people of Squire’s Isle. If it’s not on this list, it’s not official in my mind, and can be read in any order you’d like. This is a tentative list, and always changing. The short stories either are, or will be shortly, available in the Coffee Table  Books section of my website unless otherwise noted.

Prison Grove
Workwoman’s Wages
World on Fire
(novel, to be published early 2009)
Doing Laundry on Valentine’s Day
On the Air
Rounding Home
Patricia’s Portrait
The Christmas Boat (Christmas, 2007)
Ferry Tale
Baked Goods
Gemini (novel to be published late 2008)
Everything for Time

Better Sorry Than Safe

Fairytales of Squire’s Isle (Christmas, 2008)
Separation Anxiety
Eating Out in Squire’s Isle
In Every Port (to be published in January 2009 issue of Khimairal Ink)

Last week I got my first-ever royalty check for On the Air. After staring at it for pretty much a full day – this was money I got for writing – I decided that it wasn’t an advance, it was my first royalty check ever, my first novel had earned back my advance (and not too slowly, either), so I decided to have some fun with it. “Some fun” included buying new jeans and shoes because my old ones were falling apart. <g>

But I also bought fun stuff. I got Corner Gas Season 4 on DVD, a Josh Ritter CD (one more and I’ll have his entire oeuvre (not counting EPs)), and some other fun stuff. It’s surprising how quickly you can blow through a check when you’re not trying to save anything. <g>

There is still one day left on the livelongnmarry auction to name a character in World on Fire! Bidding is standing at $50, so run over and donate some money for a great cause! You can find the auction by clicking on the “seller: geonncannon” tag. Good luck!