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There’s a community on Livejournal doing a wonderful thing: from the profile, it is attempting to “raise money for the fight against the California initiative which will legally destroy existing same-sex marriages and ban any further ones.”

I’m willing to do my part and, in that vein, I am offering the winning bidder a chance to name a character in my upcoming novel World on Fire. Character, building name, pet name, it’s up to the winner what they label. And I get a chance to refuse and ask for a second choice, of course. Bids start at $50, and there’s already been a nibble. So check it out, donate for a good cause, and get immortalized in World on Fire! You’ll also get an autographed copy of the book once I have my author’s copies.

I also won’t be using the names of real-life people or copyrighted names. I can’t afford to be sued! πŸ˜€ Bidding closes on July 15, 12:01 AM one minute after midnight Pacific Time, 2008.

Happy bidding!

Edited: Auction ended and, for $50, LJ user maryling shall have a character named after her in World on Fire. Congratulations to her, and a big thank you for supporting such a worthy cause!

On the Air is available for sale, and all is right with the world. πŸ˜€ Hello, people in online world, and thank you for reading my blog. There’s a fine line here, with talking personally without getting too personal, if you understand my meaning. So I’m going to try and keep on that line. I finished my NaNo novel – meaning I reached the end of the story – on the tenth, so now I’m going back to rewrite some things. I have 62,000 words and that number will likely keep on climbing. I love NaNo, but I’m afraid it’s getting too easy for me. I may shoot for 75K next year, see what happens then.

In other news, we’re under way on my next two novels! Gemini and World on Fire both have tentative first-draft cover art. Odds are they, like On the Air‘s cover, will be changed before they are available, but still… having those first covers is kind of a neat thing.

Sorry about not posting for so long. I promise to be better about it in the future!

Just a quick note to let everyone know… my novels Gemini and World on Fire have been accepted by PD Publishing. The contracts are on their way for me to sign, so it’s more or less official. Gemini, which is set on Squire’s Isle and features many locations from On the Air, will be released in September of 2008, while World on Fire, previously posted online as Incendiary, will be out March 2009.

Keep in mind these dates are very tentative and subject to change. That said… be on the lookout for more from me! πŸ˜€