In 2008, Claire Lance was accused of a heinous crime that she didn’t commit. Rather than taking the blame for something so horrible, Lance ran. Aimlessly wandering the country, Lance is content to just keep her head down and keep moving so she can’t be found. Everything changes one fatal afternoon in a Texas bar when Lance is forced to choose between her anonymity and witnessing another crime she couldn’t bear to have on her conscience. With a particularly dedicated FBI agent hot on her trail, Lance is forced to give up hiding in order to save someone’s life.

And that begins the five-book saga of Claire Lance in the novel Tilting at Windmills, first released by PD Publishing in 2009. The last four books in the series have been unavailable in any format until now! Supposed Crimes has released another two-fer today: Tilting at Windmills introduces Lance to new readers, while Only Flame and Air picks up where the first novel left off and sets Lance on a new course. The last three novels in the series will be released in a timely manner. Keep your eyes on this space for updates! And keep your eye on the website’s store for links!