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Ten years ago, I sat in a car waiting to go onboard a ferry wondering, “How can I get out of this?”

I’ve spent the time since asking, “How can I get back?”


On July 10, 2004, I was away from home for the first time. I was on a trip to a Stargate convention in Vancouver, and through lots of planning and setups it had been decided that it would be much easier to meet up with friends near Seattle and just drive up rather than dealing with customs at the airport. Crossing the border in a car was, I imagine, infinitely easier than flying, and I’m basing that solely on how long the lines probably would have been. At that point Seattle was just a convenient stepping stone for me. I didn’t give it a second thought. When the people I met up with planned a side trip on the drive up to Canada, THAT was when I started having second thoughts. They wanted to go whale watching, which would have involved being on two boats. I was in no way a fan of that idea, so I spent most of the morning trying to think of ways to get out of it without looking like a dork.

People who have only known me for the past couple of years may be frowning at their screens right now. “You didn’t want to go on a boat? You didn’t care about Seattle?” Yep. I had no interest in Seattle. I actively tried to get out of going to San Juan Island and I only went to save face. If someone had given me the red pill/blue pill option of getting out of it with no stigma, I would have without a doubt stayed on the mainland.

I’m not sure when the shift happened. I think it might have been on the ferry to the island. It was just so beautiful and peaceful, and I remember walking around the ferry deck and just staring at everything. I got so many pictures of that ferry ride that I almost didn’t have enough film for the actual island. We went whale watching, and that might have sealed the deal. I was on a little boat out in the middle of this vast body of water (land was in sight, but I was farther from it than I’d ever been) and there were KILLER WHALES close enough to touch. They were playful buggers, too… they spent most of their time hanging out around another boat. When we turned to go back in they immediately came over and chased us. You could almost hear them saying “Aw, come on, don’t go away! We’ll play with you too!”

Afterward we were waiting for the ferry and I wanted to call my parents with an update. So I had to find a payphone (ten years ago! It’s like the past!). There was one between two restaurants, and I looked out over the harbor while I was talking. That’s the moment I think about when my mind wanders back to that day. I remember standing there in the mid-sixty temperatures (in JULY!) and thinking, “This place is special.” At the time I was setting my original stories around Chicago just because it was Random Midwestern Town. That day I decided I would move my characters to a Pacific Northwest island. Why not? What could it hurt?

To this day, I think the Squire’s Isle setting was a big part of what made On the Air special. It was a fine story and I stand by it, but would it have been as good if it was just some random town? Maybe. But I built up my little island during that story, and I fell in love with it in the process. I fell in love with the idea of this beautiful little paradise tucked away in the corner of the country where one woman took a stand and changed things for everyone who lived there.

Ten years have passed. I was an unpublished author standing on an island en route to a Stargate convention. Now I’m a published author who has an official Stargate SG-1 title to my name. I made the conscious decision to move my characters to Washington State, and when Tello decided they wanted to produce Riley Parra, I couldn’t help but laugh when they said they would be filming it in Chicago (of all my stories, that one has the most Chicago-ish setting). It seems ironic that I made the changes, got to this point, and now I’m back where I began but in a much bigger way. I went to the convention as a fan, and now I’m a tie-in author. I moved my characters away from Chicago to give them life and now a producer wants to bring some of them back. It has a beautiful full circle feel to it.

Ten years ago, I was dragged to an island I didn’t care about. I spent maybe a grand total of four hours there, but in a much more accurate sense, I never really left.


To anyone who thinks my writing has dried up this year, you would not be wrong! It looks like I’ve gone from 100,000 words a month to barely anything at all. The truth is that I AM writing, it’s just that it’s stuff I can’t share, and it requires a heck of a lot of detail work. Firstly I wrote the first draft of an official Stargate SG-1 novel for Fandemonium! I adore SG-1, but the pressure of writing something that was contracted and would have to pass through MGM’s filter was… daunting. I wanted to go through every scene with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it was juuust right. But I got a draft I’m happy with, the contract is winging its way overseas as we speak for their John Hanc– wait, what’s the British version of a signature? The… Magna Carta? Well, whatever it’s called.

Secondly, Tello Films asked me to write a script for a webseries based on Riley Parra! So I had to devote some time to getting that just right and perfect. Plus I had to teach myself how to write a script! Scrivener is amazing, and amazingly intuitive, but there was still a bit of poking that needed to be done before I could produce anything on it. And there were a lot of changes that had to be made story-wise… for instance, if I didn’t alter Priest’s introduction to the series, there was a chance she wouldn’t show up at all. As important as Priest is, that would be wholly unacceptable. But I found a way to get her in without compromising the story. I think it’s gonna be great. ;D

Now one of the main things that people may be scrambling for is another Underdogs story. The production of those may seem to have dried up a whole lot lately, and I can’t blame that on Riley/Stargate. The problem there is… time. There’s barely a month (about six weeks, I think) between “Beware of Wolf’s last scene and opening scene to Dogs of War. That’s not a whole lot of time to have stories. There’s also the fact I’m writing these semi-chronologically, and right now (March 2014) is AFTER the events of the third novel (which takes place during the month of January 2014) so I’m sort of stuck thinking of what they’re doing now (uh, assuming they both survive Book 3. YOU NEVER KNOW. I could pull a Joss Whedon (I will not pull a Joss Whedon (at least not with this particular novel))). I could always go back and fill in some space between Underdogs 1 and 2 (and that’s what I’m planning to do) but the muse doesn’t like throwing things in reverse. I want to address things that happen in Dogs of War, but I know I can’t do that until summer (at the very least).

So I do have inspiration, I have a lot of stories for Ari and Dale. I just can’t tell them without spoiling you for some big developments that are waiting to be explored in the novel.

And that’s the gist! Big projects all around, a little life stuff I won’t go into, and trying to get back into the swing of things while also knowing I could be called away at any moment to work on one of the big projects. I started this year knowing I more than likely would not hit 1,000,000 words again, so I’m not too bummed that I’m not keeping up with the past few years’ output. The few things I HAVE written are so big that I’m not worried there aren’t more little stories to share freely. Maybe now I can focus on those little stories a little more. ::fingers crossed::

In February of 2009, I started writing a story based on several different inspirations that somehow turned into an urban noir thriller detective story in which a hard-edged police detective teams up with an earthbound guardian angel to defend a city against the forces of evil. In other words, four years ago I started a story I would never in a million years expected to write. I had such little faith in where it would go that I called each story “episodes”, and I bundled them together in seasons so I could quit writing them when I got bored.

Four years, five seasons, and 725,000 words later, I am putting an end to the Riley series. Not because I was bored of it or I was finished, simply because I loved the characters so much that I felt as if I owed them an ending. It’s a bittersweet ending, and I’m not saying everyone ends the story in one piece (have a hankie ready), but I finally gave them closure. It’s sad for me, too, because I’m really going to miss writing these characters. The relationship between Riley and Gillian is one of the favorites I’ve ever created. Caitlin Priest is probably one of the characters I’m proudest of having created. And this world was epic, and so much fun to play with. Like Claire Lance before her, it’s hard to say goodbye but I know I would feel worse if I just kept putting them through the wringer.

Without spoiling anything, there is a chance I could come back and pick up the story a year, or two years, or a decade into the future. The city would be vastly different, but it could be interesting to see where the story is after the Reign of Riley.

So settle in and get ready for the end. Season 5 is up at Smashwords right now, or you can wait until tomorrow to buy it through the Amazon link in my store (so I can get a little kickback from your purchase ;D). And once you’ve read it, good bad or indifferent, please leave a review! Reviews are of the good. And if anyone wants to leave a review for Season 3 on Amazon, it’s lonely out there. But it’s not really that important since Seasons 1, 2, and 4 all have glowing reviews. People can extrapolate that the third season is more of the same ;D)

I hope everyone enjoys the final chapter of Riley’s story!

Nothing major is wrong, just the holiday. The blasted holiday! Ahh, well. Due to the holiday, Riley Parra Season Five (the final season!) won’t be available until September 2. Sorry for the inconvenience! But it just means that the final season will seem that much longer and last just a little longer than it would have otherwise. ;D

To everyone who hasn’t yet bought Riley Parra Season Four, there’s still time! It’s an ebook, so whenever you buy it you can be sure it arrives in time for Christmas.  Gift wrapping optional. I’m not sure how that would even work. But you can get it through here!

For those of you who have bought it, and have read it, you may have some questions. There have been a few comments wondering if this release marks the end of the Riley Parra series. No. It definitely does not. I have most stories of Season 5 all planned/plotted out, and there’s a lot of story left to tell. No matter how Season 4 ends, you can rest assured there will be at least one more season.

And after that, never say never! As bleak as this world is, I love the ladies who live in it. I’m sure I couldn’t stay away very long even when I do mark a story as the “Series Finale.”

Rest assured: there IS more Riley to come. I’ll let you know in advance when the last chapter is about to unfold.

The stories that have been lingering on my hard drive for way, way too long have now been polished and the first editors have pointed out idiotic mistakes and left-out words, and now all twelve (one is double-length) stories that make up the season are ready to go.

I went back and forth about the regular schedule of these stories. As long as it’s taken for me to finally get the stories revised and ready means that my cover artist wasn’t able to start on the artwork and the schedule was starting to look very, very long. So I finally decided that rather than going through the subscription process, I would skip that and just go straight to the ebook release. Hopefully this means everyone can get their hands on the season much earlier (and cheaper!) than they would have otherwise.

There’s loads of action in this season of Riley Parra… bloodshed, gore, nightmares, possessed friends, loved ones dying, old characters coming back and new characters making their first appearances.

No spoilers, but you might want to have a hanky nearby when you read 4×05. Just saying.

So hopefully the wait shouldn’t be much longer. You have all been patient enough!

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Supposed Crimes! I have a steampunk novel called Railroad Spine on the way, as well as a novel about a fictional rock band I’ve fallen in love with called The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary. And, of course, there will be more Underdogs stories. I’m not finished with Ari and Dale yet! Be sure to pick up Wolf at the Door so you’re up to speed for Underdogs 2!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Riley Parra Season 3 premieres at long last!

You have all waited patiently for the third season of Riley Parra to arrive, and now the wait is over! This time around, the season pass is $14, and that gets you access to all thirteen episodes of the third volume of Riley stories. Stories are going to be posted on my website every Friday, with links to buy your season pass (or you can buy individual stories for $1.45) and access a page with each story in a variety of formats (Epub, Mobi, HTML, PDF or a zip file of all formats).

(Go to and look under Pages or Categories, then scroll down to Riley Parra and click on Season Three. If you’re just catching up with Riley and her adventures, check out the “Links” and “Buy Geonn’s Novels” for ways to get the novels on ebook or in paperback form!)

The third season picks up shortly after the events of the Season 2 finale. Wrapping up the Angel Maker case has left Detective Riley Parra shaken in more ways than one. Riley lost her faith in her chief ally, who was forced to take drastic measures to get it back. Confronted with her own mortality, Riley also finds herself at a crossroads in her relationship with medical examiner Gillian Hunt. While struggling to deal with the changes in her life, Riley must still contend with the fact that she now knows the identity of evil’s champion. Old friends, new angels and demons, and unsettling revelations about those closest to her lead Riley to an inevitable confrontation that could have consequences she never saw coming.

That’s right, you Rizzoli & Isles fans… homicide detective and medical examiner, and they have sex together. And I wrote this before Rizzoli & Isles even started filming. ~g~

Check it out! Season 3 premieres with the story “Mere Mortals,” which ties together the loose ends of last season with the threads of upcoming stories. Stay tuned for more stories with girl-on-girl action of the fighting variety, girl-on-girl action of the sexual variety (one story is decidedly ADULT with all caps), angel-on-angel violence, angel-on-angel sexual situations (oh, yes, I go there), mysteries, deals with various devils, standoffs, and much more!

There’s probably an author out there who is worse at updating their site/blog, but right now I can’t think of any. Mea culpa! I have two books on the verge of release, The Following Sea AND the second book in the Claire Lance series, Only Flame and Air. Keep your eyes peeled for those! Also, both seasons of Riley Parra are now out in paperback as well as ebooks, and Season Three of Riley begins taking subscriptions SEPTEMBER 9! So a very special time in  Geonn-land.

The purpose of this post, though, is to announce a new story!

Kim Pritekel is doing a lovely little anthology called “101 Strange Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life.” My contribution, “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” is available now for $2.50 at her website! Be sure to check out the other stories, too. If you like Underdogs, the second story might interest you. ;-D

Here’s a sneak peek at my story, the opening teaser…

<center><b>Nothing Up My Sleeve</b>
by Geonn Cannon</center>
The love of my life took the loaded gun with a smile. She checked the chambers and slapped the wheel into place. She took a stance with her body facing forward, turned sideways to my point of view. She aimed the gun at my head so that I could see down the barrel. She closed her left eye, as she was aiming with her left hand. I stood ten feet away with my chin held high. She cocked the weapon. I took a deep breath.

“It’s nothing personal, darlin’.”

I smiled. “Certainly not.”

She fired.

My head whipped back and I fell to the hardwood of the stage with a sickening thump.

The room was utterly silent. I could hear feet shifting on the carpet from the other side of the auditorium. Someone asked ‘Is she hurt?’ I pushed myself to my feet and crossed my legs at the ankles, spinning to face the crowd. The bullet was proudly displayed between my teeth.

The crowed erupted in applause as the love of my life walked toward me. We linked fingers and we bowed. We straightened, the spotlight scorching our eyes and threatening to melt the pancake makeup we wore, but we remained as the crowd continued their adoration.

We bowed.

If you bought a season pass to Riley Parra Season Two last year and haven’t received an email from me, drop me a line through the website or a comment on this post and we’ll get you set up. ~g~

Season Two of Riley Parra is now available as an ebook! There will be a paperback version in due time, but this will help people who weren’t able to get the subscription back when it was first released catch up in time for Season 3. Check it out and, if you’ve already read, please review! I want shiny gold stars on the Amazon page (as many or as few as you deem worthy ;-D)!

Riley Parra is Back!

Following Riley’s actions during her trial, the battle between Heaven and Hell has been reignited. Riley barely has time to recover before she’s thrown into the middle of a serial killer investigation. Dubbed the Angel Maker, the killer strikes seemingly at random and uses his victim’s blood to paint angel wings around the body. While Riley tries to track down the killer, she also has to try and identify her counterpart, the champion chosen to represent the side of evil.

In the course of her investigation, Riley is forced to confront everything she once believed, from her own sanity to secrets being kept by her closest friends. With the help of her seraphim partner, Caitlin Priest, and her human partner, Gillian Hunt, Riley rejoins the battle between angels and demons with only one goal: to keep herself and her friends alive.;linkCode=sb1&amp;camp=212353&amp;creative=380549

If you don’t have a Kindle, it’ll be up soon on B&N as a Nookbook and on Smashwords in all varieties of format, including sneak previews! Stay tuned for that info!

And stay tuned here for news on SEASON THREE! I have more stories written than not, so it’s only a matter of time!