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All the birds are singing, cause you’re gonna… oh. That’s more violent than I remember. Ahem.

The blog is on a new path! Ish. You probably won’t see any changes (except, hopefully, more frequent updates), but I’m looking at a shiny new thing. It’s fun. It’s nice. Change is good. Change. Is. Good.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of all your favorites! Squire’s Isle, Underdogs, and yes, Riley Parra Season 4 is underway as we speak!

I apologize to anyone who now has Dr Horrible songs stuck in their heads. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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We now have the Riley Parra stories available in .mobi files for use with the Kindle, for your convenience! 😀

In an effort to publicly humiliate myself – and to promote my novels and publicly thank the people who made the award possible and acknowledge my honor at being selected, but mainly the humiliation thing – I have agreed to be a guest on Lara Zielinsky’s Blog Talk Radio show “Readings” tonight! Short notice, I know, but I think you can download an MP3 of the show. I’ll be calling in around 10pm (central time), but I’ll just be answering questions. I don’t know if people usually read on the show, given the title, but I’m not going to do that. She didn’t bring up reading, so I’ll just play it safe and not even have a copy of Gemini handy. ;-D

You can here it on this site

I’m wondering if there will be a way to download it. My Mom wants to hear it (although God knows why… doesn’t she get enough of me babbling at her in real life?) and she’s not sure she’ll be able to listen without Dad finding out about it or eavesdropping.

In all seriousness, it’s such an honor to have won this prize, I feel it’s the least I can do to take some time out and show my gratitude. At the expense of my personal hermit-tude and self-imposed solitary confinement. So brace yourself, peeps. You’ll be able to hear my voice on the interwebs tonight. Be afraid!

The Academy of Bards has posted their Valentine’s Day Invitational stories, including mine: “A Sunday in February.” Check it out, let me know what you think. It feels like it’s been so long since I posted a new story. Ages and ages. Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy it (and the other offerings by the awesome bards!)

Well, tomorrow starts the… tens? Whatever.

I have not been updating this blog anywhere near enough. I’ll try to be better in the new year! I completed the fourth Claire Lance novel for NaNo, and now I have the fifth and final novel to complete. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to her, but it’s time for her to see the end of her road. However that might happen. Stay tuned. 😉

My hopes for 2010: More novels purchased – I have two or three either with the bosses or almost ready to send to them. Hopefully that will bulk up my number of contracted titles. ~fingers crossed~ And more original stories! I have been neglecting my ladies. But I have big plans for them, one and all. Riley Parra, in particular, has big things ahead of her in 2010!

Sorry for being so quiet! Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through the silences. I am still here, and I still very appreciate your loyalty to my writing and my characters.

Happy new year! Good riddance to the oh-ohs and 2009. Maybe now our celebrities will stop dying.

I just got my author’s copies of World on Fire today (and yes, Morgan and Mary, that means your copies are going to be on their way ASAP!) and I noticed there was something missing from it! There are no acknowledgements at the front of the book! Eep! This is a shame because I actually had people to thank this time around. <g> Anyway, I thought it was better to say it here than to not say it at all, so everyone take a minute and tip your hat to the people mentioned here. People mentioned here, take a moment to stand and take a bow. <g>


The book you’re holding in your hands (let’s just assume you’re holding it in your hands while reading my blog. ~wink~) made it there because of a lot of hard work and dedication from Barb Coles and Linda Daniel, the engine that makes P.D. Publishing run. I am forever grateful to them for their hard work to make my dream come true. This, my third published novel, is amazing and something that I thought I would only dream about.

I also want to thank Leslie Ann Miller and Patty Schram for their input on firefighting. There are a few things that were in the book that got fixed because of their input, so they saved me a lot of red-faced apologies. Anything that is still wrong is due to my negligence, not their lack of effort. Blame me, not them. They tried their best, they really did.

To Chris Case, for her support and cheerleading and badgering throughout the writing process of this and every novel. My books wouldn’t be the same without you being by my side, and I’m grateful for that support every day.

And huge thanks go to Mary Evanov. Mary donated to Equality USA to help the fight to legalize gay marriage and, in honor of that, she receives the dubious distinction of having her name appear in one of my novels. Sorry it took so long, but I thank you for your patience and your generosity.

Finally, this novel was written in honor of every firefighter out there, man and woman, who put their lives on the line every single day.

That’s right, everybody, the wait is over! World in Fire is available now at! I told you the wait wouldn’t be as long for this one. ;-D You can go buy it right now (I suggest buying it from instead of Amazon (you know how Amazon acts, and isn’t it better for your money to go to a smaller company than some big conglomerate?), but if you just can’t wait for it to be available there, I understand!)

From the back cover: Firefighter Alexandra Crawford’s world is about to ignite in more ways than one. After a particularly bad fire leaves Alex and another member of her team in the hospital, she finds herself entranced by Dr. Rachel Tom. She doesn’t plan to fall in love and doesn’t need the hassles of a new relationship, but she’s not the kind to let something so good slip through her fingers. But the relationship may be over before it begins. Alex soon realizes that the horrible blazes they’ve been fighting recently are too uniform to be anything but arson. And if she’s right, someone is setting fires for the express purpose of killing firefighters.

For reasons that should be apparent, this book is set in the same universe as On the Air, but it takes place about one to two years prior to that novel. In case you want to shelve my books in chronological order on your bookshelves. <g>

One of the biggest things about getting published was that I could say “I have a page on Amazon!” It was an amazing thing to see my name on one of those pages, to be able to tell people they could just search for my name on Amazon and actually find stuff created by me. Well, today is slightly different, because Amazon is totally screwing over gay and lesbian authors. All of my fellow PD authors, and countless others are being stripped of their sales rank because they are “adult material.”

That doesn’t mean Harlequin romances or Nora Roberts, or other straight romances that get just as risque and detailed as gay and lesbian-featured novels. This is an obvious and blatant attempt to ghettoize GLBT works. Works like Brokeback Mountain and “Radclyffe Hill’s classic novel about lesbians in Victorian times, The Well of Loneliness, and which contains not one sentence of sexual description” (quote from the petition site mentioned below), alongside nonfiction books like John Barrowman’s autobiography (because he is gay, and the gay may be catching) and books that help suicidal gay teenagers work through the issues and maybe feel better about who they are. Yes, must hide that.

There is a petition going around which you can sign here:

If you don’t want to sign, that’s okay. If you do, go right ahead. Add your voice to the countless people who are flabbergasted by this utter and blatant discrimination. Ellen Degeneres did not write an erotic biography. If someone at Amazon got turned on while reading it, that’s not Ellen’s fault.  This needs to be corrected, and quickly.

If you’re not the petition signing kind, that’s fine, too. All I ask is that you go elsewhere for your novel-buying needs. SCP Books is a fine lesbian-owned and operated independent bookstore. They may be a little more expensive than Amazon, but the money goes to people who deserve it rather than to some corporation that seeks to shuffle us under the carpet while still getting money from the few sales we manage to make while not showing up on search results. For shame, Amazon. I regret making an order from you last week. If it wasn’t already on the way, I would cancel it. I would threaten to send it back for a refund, but I’ve tried that before and never got my money back. Never again. So Amazon, it’s been real and it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun. Good day, sir.

I said good day.

Okay, no one else will likely care about this, but I’ve thought it was cool ever since I realized it in… December or early January. Whenever I happened to look on the calendar. In elementary school, we learned that months have four weeks. But in reality, it’s not always exactly four weeks. Sometimes it’s four weeks plus three days, sometimes it’s three weeks with four extra days at the front and five extra days at the back.

But this February is actually four solid weeks long. It starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday, a perfect block of days. It looks so pretty and perfect and unusual, that I had to make a note of it. 😀

It won’t happen again until February 2015 (yes, I looked it up, my cell phone has a handy-dandy datebook calendar feature). So enjoy it! I’m not sure what one would do to commemorate such a non-event, but if you want to do something, do it, and then say you’re celebrating a four-week month. It’ll be worth it just for the funny looks you get. <g>

Well, I knew that January would be a slow month. I just didn’t figure it would be quite this slow.

Alas, I still don’t have any news to provide for Gemini. It’s going to happen! I know it! I have faith! I just hope it’s not next January before the darn thing is out. I mention 2008 as being “a year ago” in the novel, so let’s hope we won’t have to change that before it hits the shelves. <g>

Otherwise, not a lot to report. I haven’t been writing as much as I should, but I have been writing some. I completely all the things I had outstanding to various people, so that’s a nice feeling to have. Right now I’m trying to psych myself up for revising Silence Out Loud. It’ll be such a huge job, I’m daunted by it. But I’m bolstering myself up. I’m getting ready.

We, like most of the country, had big winter weather. Fortunately, we only got the edges. Ice and snow, none of it terribly bad, and it’s all starting to melt now. We never lost power, so that’s a bonus. I was kind of worried about that. Ice storm usually means a loss of power.

Keeping up with my recommendations: Go rent “In Bruges.” It’s a great little movie you may never have heard of. A little violent, a lot vulgar (the language on these hit men. I swear! <g>), but definitely worth checking out.

So that’s the “news” as it stands. Not writing much, no word on the novel releases. If I weren’t so happy-go-lucky, this could have been a very depressing post. As it is, it’s just a “we’ll have more to talk about next time, I hope.” <g>