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I just wanted to take a moment in between advent entries to say thank you, and a happy holidays to everyone out there. Whether you’re on Day 3 of Hanukkah or looking forward to Kwanzaa or rushing out for that last Christmas present, may the rest of 2008 be merry and bright.

As for the thank you… thank you to everyone who spent their hard-earned money to buy my book. There are more coming in early 2009, so save your pennies! <g> And another special thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read my advent entries. They were a lot of fun to write, so I hope everybody enjoyed them. I know tomorrow is supposedly the last one (I’ve done 11, therefore 12 will be the last), but be sure to stop by on Christmas Day to see one final surprise to wrap everything up. <g>

Be merry, be thankful, and be well. Thanks to everyone who has wandered past my website or my blog this year, and I hope to see you next year!

December 2 – Nadine Butler

When I was a little girl, my favorite Christmas carols tended to involve merchandise-related songs. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and of course the fantastic Chipmunk Song. I never did get a hula hoop, by the way, in case anyone… no, never mind. But once I had grown up a little, I decided I was too old for those little kid songs and started listening to the new standards.


If I have to pick a favorite, I still don’t consider it Christmas until I’ve heard John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over). It’s almost like a prayer set to music. So that’s why I make it a point to play it every year on the first of December, to get the holiday season off right. I probably play it on my show more than any other Christmas song.


One of the perks of dating my station manager is that she never yells at me if I play it too much. Or, well… when she does yell, it’s never too bad. Usually. Whatever reprimand I might get from Miranda, Happy Xmas is worth it. I get such an optimistic feeling from it, the harmony and the sentiment of a world deciding they’ve had enough of war and violence.


To everyone out there, as Mr. Lennon said, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Nadine Butler appears in On the Air, as well as featuring in the short stories The Christmas Boat, Fairytales of Squire’s Isle and Eating Out in Squire’s Isle.

12 Days of Christmas on Squire’s Isle
Advent Calendar

Starting tomorrow, and the continuing every other day between now and Christmas, I will post a short message from one of the people on Squire’s Isle revealing their favorite Christmas song. It’ll be nice, it’ll be cute, and it’ll hopefully give you a little insight into some of your favorite characters.  Although some of the characters I’ll be using are not technically on Squire’s Isle, I decided all the characters are in the same universe (and there may be connections that would surprise you <g>) so it’s close enough. <g>

So keep your eyes on this journal! The first story will be posted tomorrow, December 2. I’ll see you then!


I could barely get to sleep last night. I just kept watching the news coverage with an insane smile on my face. I have never felt so proud of my country, and so utterly disappointed in one part of it (California). How can the same state that cinched the election for Barack Obama write discrimination into its constitution? Could someone please explain that to me?

Moving on. I live in a heavily McCain household, so I couldn’t really celebrate the way I wanted to last night. This morning, I can’t stop dancing. An overweight white guy dancing in his Oklahoma kitchen because a black man got elected. It’s an unusual day. <g> And the song I was dancing to was very, very appropriate, I think. It’s Josh Ritter’s “Good Man,” and I think the chorus sums up how I feel about Obama.

“Babe, we both had dry spells,

Hard times in bad lands

But I’m a good man for ya.

I’m a good man.”

Cheers, President Obama.

ETA: Oh, I also wanted to add… last night while I was checking the blog’s stats, I saw that someone had searched for a story called “Too Many ‘Once Upon a Times'”. You will be happy to know that I saw this search and my webmistress (the amazing Morgan, give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen) popped it right up. I hope whoever was looking for it finds it and enjoys. <g>

If anyone else is looking for a story I wrote and can’t find it, let me know!

I know, two posts in two hours. It won’t happen very often, trust me. <g>

I just wanted to be sure I told people to get out there and vote. If you live in the US, you have a chance to make a difference today. Go out there and mark your ballot for the guy you like, whichever candidate that might be, and get your little sticker. My polling place also had candy in a little wicker basket.

Go vote. Four years is a long time to say “I’m definitely not going to mess it up NEXT time.”

My repeated phrase for this novel seems to be “Don’t worry about it.” I counted it three times in Chapter Seven, so I went back and changed a whole bunch of them. I’ve done this in other novels, but with other things like rubbing a neck or using the same word over and over. Very strange how you can latch on to a certain phrase or word or action and just keep using it.

Also in this novel, I had a fairly unusual experience. I was aware of a musician, but I had none of his CDs and had only heard one song. But I felt like he would fit one of my characters. So I got one of his CDs so I would know what the songs sounded like (I didn’t want to say she was depressed and listening to “Bullets” if “Bullets” turned out to be a hard rock song). The CD was okay, but I wasn’t overly into it. But once I started writing the character (Jodie), I started to like the CD. I don’t know if I got into Jodie’s head, or if the CD just requires a few more listens that I was willing to give it, but it’s very odd.

It’s creepy when characters take the wheel. I hope they keep doing it, though. <g>

I made a joke earlier this morning (about five minutes ago, if you want to be exact) that I wasn’t international. Then I checked my blog stats and found visitors from Dublin, Ireland (hey, I just wrote about your corner of the world in my new novel!), the United Kingdom, Norway, and France. On the off-chance all those people are checking me out to buy my book… hey, glad to have you! If you’d like to drop me a line and let me know how you found me, I’d love to hear from you!

And not to worry, American fans. You guys are just as awesome! All my fans are awesome. As is the fact that I have fans. <g>

Welcome to my blog! I hope to have more stuff of substance for you soon!

Well, I have gone through the editor’s first edit of “Gemini,” and I’m in a bit of limbo right now. I’m letting it rest and letting the changes simmer before I go back and go through it one more time. I’ll send it back to her tomorrow, I think, so she can get to work on the third go-round.

So another step on the road to getting “Gemini” in everyone’s hands is underway!

In other writing news, once the editor has the novel again, I’m going to go back and polish a new story called “Widow’s Walk.” The bits and pieces of this one have been floating around for a while, so it’s good to finally have a lot of stuff that’s been bothering the muse down in a story at last.

I will not send threatening emails to e-sellers offering a used copy of my book on Amazon.

I will not.

I will not.

I will, however, be tempted to. That’s perfectly normal. ;-D

In all honesty, I’m an eseller. I sell DVDs, mostly, and not books. So I’d be kind of a hypocrite to make a big deal about them doing what I’m doing. Still! I’m just a little ol’ writer. The DVDs I sell, who does it hurt? Universal? MGM?

Ah, well. I will not make a big deal of it. I just had the urge to email someone offering a copy of my book and thought it would make an amusing April 1st blog post. 😀 I did notice, however, that the eseller selling my book has 100% feedback rating. So at least he’s a high-quality son of a bitch. ;-D Best of luck to him.

May the bird of paradise fly up his nose.