Claire Lance, Taking a Breather

Okay, folks! Claire Lance #3 Confused by Shadows is now available! It’s the midpoint of the series, and it has some pretty large implications for Lance’s journey and Faye Mallory’s pursuit. I know the wait for these novels has seemed endless at times, with Only Flame and Air always right on the edge of release, but now there have been two books in only two months! So to give people a chance to catch up, to give Lance a chance to breathe, and to help get the timeline of the series back on track a little, Lance is going to take a little break. I’m sure your pocketbooks won’t mind. ::g::

It fits well, too, since book 3 covers a good part of Lance’s year, and the gap in story between 3 and 4 is larger than with the first two books. There’s a bit of a time jump from one to the other. So the wait will make the story even better.

So be on the lookout for the penultimate chapter in the Claire Lance series, Chasing Dragons, available in January 2014, followed a little bit later that year by the final chapter of the journey, What Matter Wounds.