Gemini and the Return of Riley Parra

Well, I wanted to wait to see what the actual number of days would be, and it has now come to an end. Gemini premiered on the best-seller list of, and it stayed there from Friday, April 28, until today, April 8. That’s twelve solid weeks! It bounced around, from the Number 2 spot, to number 3, back to Number 4 and 5, but the important thing is that it was there! <g> Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, and ordered it after the novel was announced, and will continue to buy it. You guys all rock.

On another Gemini note, keep sending in your entries for the Tourist of the Day contest! 😀

And now, for a bit of a tease… eight days from today, a new Riley Parra story will appear on my website. It will be called “No Use Crying,” and it will be the second story in the series. I’ve told people that I view the series as a TV series, so this would be like the first episode post-pilot. There will be seven episodes total (counting Better Angels as 1×1) in “season one,” followed by a second season if demand is high. So let me know if you demand. <g>

I even have a theme song for the stories: “Angels Would Fall” by Melissa Etheridge. Spend the week getting your hands on it, or listening to the copy you already have. It’ll get you in the right mood to get back into Riley’s world. 🙂