News, and Really Long Books

A bit of doings in my writing world this month. Well, this weekend, really. I did a bit of revising on my newest novel and submitted it back to the publishers to see what they think of it. Hopefully it’ll be good news! *fingers crossed* I’m really proud of this one, and they seemed to like it beyond a few minor quibbles (minor but kind of hard to fix… you know how it is), so… I am cautiously optimistic.

I also got a second email from them introducing me to the editor for “Gemini.” One step closer! Once she finishes up with it, I’ll give it my go-over and we’ll see what we see. There’s still six months before their projected release date, so hopefully it’ll come out on time! 😀

In other news… I am about 3/4 done with “Antarctic Navigation,” by Elizabeth Arthur, and the end could not come soon enough. The book is very tedious and over-long. I think the author became too enamored with her own command of language and, therefore, could… not… shut… up. It’s another of those books where you wonder if an editor even got close to it (or, if they did, how bad it was before they did their work).

The only 700+ page books I have EVER really enjoyed have had the name Stephen King on the cover. Books like Antarctic Navigation and Mists of Avalon… I like them, but by the time I finish it’s a joy to finally be able to put it down. Most authors tend to stick to 350-400 pages, and that’s a nice manageable size, I think. Trust me, I’m trying to work my way up to those kinds of numbers. ;-D Every author’s first couple of novels are always on the thin side. I am unconcerned. Mostly. *cough* 😀