Only Flame and Air

Hi, folks, just dropping by to clarify a little something.

Yesterday, I posted a story called “Alive Day” to the Academy of Bards and said that it included characters from a novel called Only Flame and Air. Well, judging by the reaction people have had to that story, they want the novel and they want it now. Unfortunately, that’s not really possible. It’s still in first-draft form, and it’s a sequel to my forthcoming novel Tilting at Windmills (due late 2009). So it’ll be a bit of a wait.

Rest assured, however, that I wrote/posted “Alive Day” because I love Kelsey and Tyler so much. Their characters are really kind of co-stars in the novel, and the real focus is mostly on Claire Lance. So I wrote this story (and will write more stories) to build up to the release of Only Flame and Air (should PD accept it, fingers crossed! If they don’t, I will just post it online for all you lovely folks <g>) because I couldn’t stand the fact that people wouldn’t get to know Kelsey Quinn and Andrea Tyler until 2010 at the earliest.

So if you think you’ve missed out on something, rest assured, you’re not alone. <g> The publishing world just takes time (a loooot of time), and Alive Day was my way of letting everyone have a peek at what was coming in the future.

That said, look forward to more stories with Kelsey and Andrea in the future! Only Flame and Air was written with the idea it was taking place in 2010. Considering Alive Day takes place in 2005/2006, that gives us a lot of time to explore in short stories. 😀

Thank you for reading!