Raggedy-ass Pages

Well, my new years resolution to post twice a month here has failed. Tsk, shame on me! I was distracted, I think, by writing a new novel (now submitted to PD Publishing, wish me luck!). I will make up for my absence. I think if I have 24 posts at the end of the year, I’ll call it a win. And you all can call it a win as well, you few, you proud, you readers of my blog. 😀

I kept up for more than a couple months, though! That’s something!

Right now, I want to complain a bit. I bought a new book a week or two back called “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.” It’s by Michael Chabon, a brand-new release… so why does the edge of the page look so raggedy? A friend whose judgment I trust told me that this was the style now. Seriously? Publishers seriously do this on purpose? What on Earth for? It makes turning the pages harder, it looks hideous… it makes the book look cheap. And I’ll admit it, it might be the deciding factor on whether I buy a book or not.

I went ahead and bought “Yiddish Policemen” because it’s Michael Chabon. But if it had been anyone else, anyone at all, those raggedy-ass page edges would have made me put the book back on the shelf and walk away. I can’t think of an uglier trend. The reader should have the right to make their own books look raggedy by years of reading and thumbing through them to favorite passages and spitting drinks on them from spontaneous laughter. You shouldn’t MAKE them that way to begin with. That’s like those stupid jeans you can buy with the holes already in the knee.

Rant over. 🙂

And I shall definitely try to be around here more often. I may not have many readers, but those who are here deserve to have something to look at. 😀