Riley Parra: Open and Shut

May day, may day! ~sirens~

Okay, a bit overdramatic. But it’s once a year. <g>

The true purpose of this post is to announce a little side project in relation to the Riley Parra stories. When I started out, I figured seven would be a nice, easy number of stories. I had them all planned out, everything was going well. One story a month would be a nice schedule to keep. Then people went crazy for the character and I started hoping people would be able to wait until the stories were written. I was envisioning emails of the “When is the next one coming?!” variety. So I came up with a solution.

I can’t write the bigger stories any faster, and I wouldn’t want to make my artistic friend work any harder to get the PDFs/artwork prepared. So I decided on a compromise: I would write stories that took place in Riley’s universe, but outside of the over-arcing story, and I would post them individually between the longer stories. That way people can get their fix without me killing myself (or my dear webmistress <g>).

So, the first story in the “Open and Shut” series is going to be appearing very soon. It’s called Shades of Gray and it features Riley and Priest investigating a home invasion. While this one involves Riley, that doesn’t mean she’ll always be a central character in the “Open and Shut” stories. She may not even appear in all of them.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy these little snacks as much as they have enjoyed the full-blown meals of Better Angels and No Use Crying. Be on the lookout for the third story in the Riley Parra series, Losing My Religion, which will be coming up  on May 14!