It’s already September? Wow, how did that happen? August was a slow month for blog-posting, apparently, but not for me writing-wise. I danced a submission tango with PD, withdrawing Following Sea and exchanging Silence Out Loud, finishing up Tilting at Windmills to give their editors a crack at it and then working with the amazing Medora to finish edits on Gemini (which is, as of now, out of my hands entirely. I think. I still need the blurb and dedication, but that’ll be easy enough to come up with).

On top of all that, I amazed myself (and some of my friends) by tossing out a first draft to a new novel in six days. It’s only 50,000 words and needs to be bulked up (it’ll be easily bulked up; my muse seems to think I left out a ton of important stuff) before I submit it, but I’m very pleased with how it looks. I love two of the characters in it so much, don’t be surprised if they show up in another story before the novel even becomes a “Coming Soon.” <g>

For right now, I need to be focused. I need an NCIS story for an auction winner who paid mightily for the honor of having a story written by me and has been supremely patient for it, and a Halloween story for the Academy of Bards (I just love that place).

My recommendations for September: Get out and read! It may be rainy where you are, or maybe you’ve just turned out your lights in solidarity with those in the path of Hurricane Gustav, but either way, it’s a good time of year for books. Laurie R King has two great series: a modern-day mystery series that focuses on Kate Martinelli, a lesbian detective in San Francisco. The other deals with Mary Russell, apprentice and partner to the great Sherlock Holmes. Both series are very well-written and worth a look!

Be well!