Signed copies of two 2016 releases!

Want a signed copy of Radiation Canary: Greatest Hits or my upcoming scifi novel The Remnant Fleet? It’s easy as hitting one of these buttons! There are only three copies of RC:GH available and only five of TRF, so if you want one you shouldn’t delay! Just click through and voila! You’ll get your copy ASAP. If you order Remnant Fleet now, you’ll get it before the June release! The price will be $25 for Radiation Canary and $20 for The Remnant Fleet. Order yours now before they’re all gone! If you live outside the US, leave a comment before making your order and I’ll see what we can work out (since shipping will probably be a bit trickier in those cases).

Radation Canary Greatest Hits SIGNED hardcover!

The Remnant Fleet SIGNED paperback!