Last week I got my first-ever royalty check for On the Air. After staring at it for pretty much a full day – this was money I got for writing – I decided that it wasn’t an advance, it was my first royalty check ever, my first novel had earned back my advance (and not too slowly, either), so I decided to have some fun with it. “Some fun” included buying new jeans and shoes because my old ones were falling apart. <g>

But I also bought fun stuff. I got Corner Gas Season 4 on DVD, a Josh Ritter CD (one more and I’ll have his entire oeuvre (not counting EPs)), and some other fun stuff. It’s surprising how quickly you can blow through a check when you’re not trying to save anything. <g>

There is still one day left on the livelongnmarry auction to name a character in World on Fire! Bidding is standing at $50, so run over and donate some money for a great cause! You can find the auction by clicking on the “seller: geonncannon” tag. Good luck!