What a Neglectful Host

Hey, all. I’ve really been neglecting this blog. Tsk. I’ve been focused on trying to get the muse back under control. It’s always slow this time of year. I blame NaNoWriMo. Which is about to get started again, BTW, a week from today! Everyone got your plots ready? I wouldn’t have written my first novel without NaNo, so I’m very thrilled to be back with them again this year. I have a plot all lined up and everything. It’s almost like I’m prepared.

Went for a walk today. 2.8 miles, all told, and I got a nice box of Chinese food out of the deal. It was an adventure involving train tracks, wandering the woods (about four square feet of woods, but still), hounds chasing me down the street (although most of them were behind fences, the chihuahua was loose and nipped at my heels until he decided he’d scared me off).

I like this walking stuff. I like the thrill I get when I realize I’ve walked myself someplace impressive. I’m keeping track of distances, and with today’s total I’m at 110 miles. I “walked” to the local airport, “flew” to Seattle, and I am now walking to Anacortes and the ferry lanes. I have about five miles until I get to Anacortes, another four before I hit the ferry lanes, and then I’m off to the real-live Squire’s Isle. <g>

So again, I apologize for the unforgiveable gap in these posts. I’ll try to make them more frequently. And you can follow me on Twitter! I’m GeonnCannon, and I post there a lot more frequently. Too frequently, one could say. ;-D