And that’s a year.

What happened this year… not a whole lot! I released the second Radiation Canary novel, “Greatest Hits.” Publisher’s Weekly liked Trafalgar & Boone’s second outing and called it “aggressively feminist,” which I took as a compliment (as one should). But the most important thing is that Riley Parra came to life in a BIG way! In February, I was introduced to the woman who would bring Riley to life: Marem Hassler. She is so good, and so dedicated to the character, and so eager to get it right. It’s like Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool. Just the absolute right person combined with the heart and determination to do justice to the character. And the rest of the cast? Maeve Quinlan was in 3Way, the first lesbian webseries I ever saw, and Liz Vassey! I’ve been a fan of Liz Vassey for a long, long time, and the idea of having her in something I wrote still needs to sink in. Correction: I’m still grappling with the fact she knows who I am, and she’s been following me on Twitter for a good while now. 😉 The Riley Parra crowdfunding went AMAZING, and gained me a lot of new readers who have fallen in love with the books.

In personal news, my father died earlier this month. He had cancer, and toward the end he needed hospice and a lot of round-the-clock care, so I was doing that instead of writing. Now that he’s passed on (and the memorial and everything has been taken care of) I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things with the new year.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy new year!