A Bard in Need Auction

Fellow P.D. author Kim Pritekel is in need of a helping hand, folks. She’s having some severe eye problems and, without surgery, she faces complete and irreversible blindness. One of my top ten fears right there. So I decided to step up and help her out, but I need everyone else’s help to make my gesture more than just an empty show of support. Kim is holding an auction, and I’ve donated signed copies of my books. All proceeds go toward getting Kim the surgery she needs.

So if you want an autographed copy of any of my books, the auction ends on October 3rd.


Please help out if you can! If the books are too rich for your blood, check out some of the other items up for bid. Or you can even contact Kim and offer to help her out with a little cash. It’s not quite Christmas, but that chill in the air makes you want to give. I know it does. Come on. Give a little. <g>