A Perfect Four Weeks

Okay, no one else will likely care about this, but I’ve thought it was cool ever since I realized it in… December or early January. Whenever I happened to look on the calendar. In elementary school, we learned that months have four weeks. But in reality, it’s not always exactly four weeks. Sometimes it’s four weeks plus three days, sometimes it’s three weeks with four extra days at the front and five extra days at the back.

But this February is actually four solid weeks long. It starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday, a perfect block of days. It looks so pretty and perfect and unusual, that I had to make a note of it. 😀

It won’t happen again until February 2015 (yes, I looked it up, my cell phone has a handy-dandy datebook calendar feature). So enjoy it! I’m not sure what one would do to commemorate such a non-event, but if you want to do something, do it, and then say you’re celebrating a four-week month. It’ll be worth it just for the funny looks you get. <g>