Another one down

This weekend, I finish the first round of edits for World on Fire, and it’s one step closer to ready! The ending is slightly different from what I originally wrote, but it’ll affect potential sequels more than it does this book. I’m very, very happy with the changes, and I hope everyone else is as well! I mean… those who have read it before. People who read it the first time in published form will be none the wiser. Except I just told them. Oh. Um. <g>

In other writing news, I have been utterly uninspired to write lately. I don’t know what it is! I’m sure it’s just temporary. It happens a lot around this time of year, leading up to NaNo. I did catch a good amount of inspiration on a new novel I’ve been planning for a while now. We’ll see what comes of that. As it stands, I have three “finished” novels (either submitted, or ready to submit with some work) that I can focus on: Silence Out Loud, Only Flame and Air, and The Following Sea. Hopefully they will be released (eventually) in that order. The next book after TFS is another Claire Lance (from Tilting at Windmills) book, and I already know what I’ll be writing next. So I have my next five novels pretty much lined up. I shouldn’t sweat inspiration so much. I have time!

I also know I didn’t add a new story to the website in September. I WILL make up for that in October. I’ll be adding Alive Day and, should it ever get done, the Kelsey/Tyler follow-up I’ve been working on for, like, week or so. Keep your eyes open for that!

Wherever you are in the world: Good morning/afternoon/evening/dead of night, and thanks for reading.