Claire Lance #3, Confused by Shadows: Available Now!

Another two weeks have gone by, so you all MUST be wondering when the heck my latest novel will come out. I mean, I’ve really been slacking this last fortnight. Well, wait no longer! Today (no fooling!) marks the release of the third novel in the Claire Lance series, Confused by Shadows!

“When Claire Lance decides to stop running, she just wants a home, a job, and someplace she can feel safe. She doesn’t want or need to fall in love, but Jodie Curran doesn’t give her much of an option. Lance unexpectedly finds herself slowly being pulled into her first relationship since Elaine. Soon she finds her blissful new life threatened by the mysterious forces converging around Jodie and, when she learns the truth about what’s going on, she may find herself in more danger than ever. Surrounded on all fronts, by the police and an ever-obsessed Faye Mallory, Lance may have finally reached the end of her long road.”

This marks the mid-point of the Lance series, so naturally you can expect some big-time decisions to be made, some important elements to come into play, all sorts of things leading up to the grand finale in Book 5. And don’t forget to shop the rest of my store if you click that option… the Supposed Crime section has all kinds of goodies, including Forever Burn, a firefighter romance with supernatural elements, two lesbian romance novels by C.E. Case and, coming soon, two new ebook releases by Lara Zielinsky! Not to mention ALL of my other books. One-stop shopping!