Don’t Worry About It

My repeated phrase for this novel seems to be “Don’t worry about it.” I counted it three times in Chapter Seven, so I went back and changed a whole bunch of them. I’ve done this in other novels, but with other things like rubbing a neck or using the same word over and over. Very strange how you can latch on to a certain phrase or word or action and just keep using it.

Also in this novel, I had a fairly unusual experience. I was aware of a musician, but I had none of his CDs and had only heard one song. But I felt like he would fit one of my characters. So I got one of his CDs so I would know what the songs sounded like (I didn’t want to say she was depressed and listening to “Bullets” if “Bullets” turned out to be a hard rock song). The CD was okay, but I wasn’t overly into it. But once I started writing the character (Jodie), I started to like the CD. I don’t know if I got into Jodie’s head, or if the CD just requires a few more listens that I was willing to give it, but it’s very odd.

It’s creepy when characters take the wheel. I hope they keep doing it, though. <g>