Gemini Released!

That’s right, my second novel Gemini is available for sale now! Believe me! Why would you doubt what I have to say? ~looks at calendar~ Oh. Huh. You know, it’s very typical that I have a book coming out on April Fools’ Day. <g> Trust me, though, you pays your money you gets your book! It’s still listed as a pre-order on Star-Crossed, but Amazon is, I think, actually sending the books out as soon as you order. So go, buy! I hope you enjoy the story!

And you can buy a reading copy, and win an autographed copy! That’s right, I’m giving away a free autographed copy of Gemini. Visit my website for more information on how to enter (no purchase necessary, blah blah blah, open to residents of US and Canada only (unfortunately)). Good luck! I look forward to your entries. <g>

The fine print says that the delivery of the prizes may be delayed, but that will not be the case. I have copies winging their way to me now by the angels of the United Parcel Service, so they will be in-hand and ready to go by the end of the contest. No fear. <g>