Geonn Versus Technology

This week, I needed to print out a contract, sign it, and mail it in to P.D. Publishing. Sounds easy, right? Well, the first signs of trouble are these: I don’t have a car, my printer is crappy and out of ink anyway, and it’s been over 100 the past couple of days. So walking to the library is just as out of the question as driving. I’m not going to walk around the block in that heat, let alone the half mile to the library. So I got a ride Saturday morning, got up early even so there wouldn’t be a wait for the computer. Signed in… printers are down. Naturally.

So I went back on Monday, after calling to make sure the printers were, indeed, functioning again. I got there, signed in, sat down… and prayed they had the correct program to read the contract file. Fortunately, they did, and I printed it out and signed it. Unfortunately, the mail had already run.

I finally got the signed contract on Tuesday, so hopefully P.D. will have it by the weekend.

Like I told the ladies in charge: it’s rare when you can so clearly hear the universe cocking the ‘screw-with-you’ gun. <g>