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I don’t always remember the inspiration for my novels, but this one stands out with particular clarity in my mind. It was morning, and I was listening to music, and I heard a song called “Lancelot” by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. It was a song about an old drunk and the woman who loved him, sort of a wild west Don Quixote. Of course, I love Man of La Mancha and I wrote lesbian romance novels by that time, so I decided I was going to write a novel based on that first image I had: a battered and weary woman who has trekked through the desert arriving in a tiny-town bar where she’s forced to take up arms in order to protect someone. The story was inspired by Lancelot, so I named my knight-errant Lance. The rest of the story just cropped up around her, where she was running from, what she was looking for, and how she found herself in the process of saving others.

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