Go “Into the Furnace” on November 1!

Pausing Trafalgar & Boone coverage to pimp my November release! “Into the Furnace” is a standalone novel, vaguely in the Squire’s Isle, Radiation Canary, and Underdogs universe (there IS a crossover character from one of these who appears, but I won’t tell you who or which one). It’s a throwback to my earlier novels: On the Air, Gemini, World on Fire, Following Sea… the person is the story, her love life is the important thing, and the plot is just something that happens to her.

It’s a bit unusual because it’s a reversal of the usual love story. Kelly begins the novel in a relationship, but as it goes on she finds herself falling out of love. By the end, who knows what will happen?

Kelly is also my first bisexual character. Hopefully I got her right. ::fingers crossed::

If you like the idea of a reverse-romance with a bisexual firefighter, click right here to preorder your copy!