Happy birthday to…

Happy birthday to Johnny Bench, Tom Waits, Larry Bird, C. Thomas Howell, and to me. <g> Yep, my birthday is today. I was born on a big anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, so I feel a certain kind of kinship to that utterly awful day in American history. I plan to spend today being extremely lazy (kind of like I do most days) and listening to Josh Ritter CDs (kind of like I do most days). It’s not overtly special, but it’s nice and enjoyable. That’s more than enough for me.

I hope everyone out there reading this has a very happy December 7th and spends it doing something they love. Cheers!

Also, apologies for anyone who thought this would be a new advent calendar post. The next one will be up tomorrow (one of the main reasons I decided to post on odd-numbered days is so that I could post this on my birthday. Always thinking. ~taps temple~ <g>)