I’m Mentioned in a Podcast!

“We’re working on a project with an author named Geonn Cannon, and he has a series called Riley Parra, that has lesbian leads and we are… it’s the one project that I wish we could move faster on. But it has a lot of scifi elements and like fantasy elements, which tends to be a little bit more expensive so what we’ve been working on is finding someone who can do post on it. He’s very smart, because he’s written it so we can shoot it without there having to be a ton of special effects. But it’s a super compelling story, and he’s done a really great job of writing… he’s sort of like a Joss Whedon, like the way he writes strong women, and he plays on Twitter with us a lot. He’s really great. And he has a really great fan following.”
– Christin Baker, CEO of Tello Films on The Lesbian Lounge podcast

This is from the February 18 podcast for The Lesbian Lounge (which you can find… well, people know where I find podcasts. If I know, it’s common knowledge). I’m blown away that I got mentioned at all, let alone in comparison to Joss Whedon. I’m not saying I’m on his same wavelength, but I AM around the same age he was when Buffy took off. So you never know… 😉