July Already?

Sorry for the delays, my good people. I wish I could say I’ve spent the delay writing like crazy, and I kind of have, but not as much as I could have. I hope everyone had a happy fourth, whether you celebrated it as Independence Day or just a random summer Saturday.

I do have some writing news to report. Only Flame and Air was officially announced as my sixth novel with P.D. Publishing. And then, yesterday evening, Confused by Shadows was unofficially announced (to me) as the seventh novel. The contract still needs to be printed out and signed, but that’s just a technicality. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes official as well. Confused by Shadows is the third book in the Claire Lance series, following Tilting at Windmills and Only Flame and Air. And yes, unlike the Squire’s Isle stories, you DO need to read these in order. It’s an absolute must. <g>

So that’s it for the books I have waiting in the wings! Silence Out Loud needed some more work, so they shot it back to me for another go-through. I still have faith in it. I’m not giving up on that one without a fight! <g>

In non-publishing news, I have officially finished writing Season 1 of the Riley Parra stories! So rest assured there will be no delays in posting the last few episodes. In fact, there’s a small chance that the season finale will be posted well ahead of schedule.

When I finished writing the final episode, I felt… very sad. I didn’t want to leave Riley. So even if I’m not entirely sure when, there will be a Riley Parra Season 2. There will be a few differences, however. The important change is that there won’t be a month between “episodes.” I will get ahead with the writing, and I will be able to post them much faster than the first season. There will be other things, but I’ll mention them later when the second season is more than a hypothetical “sometime in the future” thing. <g>

My log-in session expired while I was writing this. I hate when that happens. But I am back again!

For now, I have a lot of edits to make for the bosses, and a lot of due dates creeping up slowly behind me. I’ll try not to be as quiet as I have been in the past. <g>