Khimairal Ink

Hey, everyone! There’s a new toy that I can now see where people are visiting my blog come from. And it’s, to be quite honest, kind of remarkable. Germany and Uzbekistan seem to have the biggest visitors. So hello to all you out there! Drop me a line and say hello, let me know how you happened across my little world. And most of all if you enjoyed the stories/books. <g>

Secondly, about two weeks after Vital Signs was published in Khimairal Ink, they accepted a second short story, In Every Port, to be published in their January 2009 issue. That’s, what, five or six months away? Expect more reminders between now and then. The story is not so much a sequel, but a continuization of the short story Baked Goods, available on my website in the Coffee Table Books section.

And to all you people out there visiting my blog from all over the world… welcome! Hope you like what you see! 😀