Morning After History

I could barely get to sleep last night. I just kept watching the news coverage with an insane smile on my face. I have never felt so proud of my country, and so utterly disappointed in one part of it (California). How can the same state that cinched the election for Barack Obama write discrimination into its constitution? Could someone please explain that to me?

Moving on. I live in a heavily McCain household, so I couldn’t really celebrate the way I wanted to last night. This morning, I can’t stop dancing. An overweight white guy dancing in his Oklahoma kitchen because a black man got elected. It’s an unusual day. <g> And the song I was dancing to was very, very appropriate, I think. It’s Josh Ritter’s “Good Man,” and I think┬áthe chorus┬ásums up how I feel about Obama.

“Babe, we both had dry spells,

Hard times in bad lands

But I’m a good man for ya.

I’m a good man.”

Cheers, President Obama.

ETA: Oh, I also wanted to add… last night while I was checking the blog’s stats, I saw that someone had searched for a story called “Too Many ‘Once Upon a Times'”. You will be happy to know that I saw this search and my webmistress (the amazing Morgan, give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen) popped it right up. I hope whoever was looking for it finds it and enjoys. <g>

If anyone else is looking for a story I wrote and can’t find it, let me know!