New Riley Parra Story…

Soon! <g> Available now!

Today is the day Riley Parra #3, Losing My Religion, is due on my website. Judging by the flood of people coming to my blog from that page, I felt the need to say that it is done. 100%. Everything is polished and pretty and nice. And now it is up and ready to be read. I hope everyone enjoys reading the new entry in the series as much as I enjoy writing them. Long live Riley!

In other Riley news… the Riley page has now referred more people to my blog than any other page of my website. Including the main page! Wow. Kudos to you guys! ~raises a glass~

1.3 Losing My Religion – Following the threat from Marchosias and a harrowing incident in the morgue, Riley and Priest decide to take the fight to the demons with dire consequences.