New Story!

There’s probably an author out there who is worse at updating their site/blog, but right now I can’t think of any. Mea culpa! I have two books on the verge of release, The Following Sea AND the second book in the Claire Lance series, Only Flame and Air. Keep your eyes peeled for those! Also, both seasons of Riley Parra are now out in paperback as well as ebooks, and Season Three of Riley begins taking subscriptions SEPTEMBER 9! So a very special time in  Geonn-land.

The purpose of this post, though, is to announce a new story!

Kim Pritekel is doing a lovely little anthology called “101 Strange Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life.” My contribution, “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” is available now for $2.50 at her website! Be sure to check out the other stories, too. If you like Underdogs, the second story might interest you. ;-D

Here’s a sneak peek at my story, the opening teaser…

<center><b>Nothing Up My Sleeve</b>
by Geonn Cannon</center>
The love of my life took the loaded gun with a smile. She checked the chambers and slapped the wheel into place. She took a stance with her body facing forward, turned sideways to my point of view. She aimed the gun at my head so that I could see down the barrel. She closed her left eye, as she was aiming with her left hand. I stood ten feet away with my chin held high. She cocked the weapon. I took a deep breath.

“It’s nothing personal, darlin’.”

I smiled. “Certainly not.”

She fired.

My head whipped back and I fell to the hardwood of the stage with a sickening thump.

The room was utterly silent. I could hear feet shifting on the carpet from the other side of the auditorium. Someone asked ‘Is she hurt?’ I pushed myself to my feet and crossed my legs at the ankles, spinning to face the crowd. The bullet was proudly displayed between my teeth.

The crowed erupted in applause as the love of my life walked toward me. We linked fingers and we bowed. We straightened, the spotlight scorching our eyes and threatening to melt the pancake makeup we wore, but we remained as the crowd continued their adoration.

We bowed.