R.I.P. P.D.

Well, looks like my Twitter rant about how my career with PD Publishing was over jumped the gun a little. On New Years’ Eve, the ladies revealed that they are shutting their doors in late 2013. Right now they’re just cleaning house a bit, taking care of outstanding contractual issues and finding new homes for their books. Fortunately, I’m able to jump ship onto a completely new boat and land with both feet on Supposed Crimes. The actual changes to me will be minimal. I stopped seeing PD Publishing as a viable home for my writing a while ago, which may sound rude but it’s true. If it wasn’t for Supposed Crimes I would most likely be digging a ditch right now and looking back fondly on my brief time as an award-winning published author. So I will be even more grateful to the SC now than I was in the past.

I’m hopeful about this turn of events. People have been asking me about when my PD novels would be released as ebooks, and it’s been a growing source of frustration for me that I’ve been forced to answer “I don’t know… soon, I hope?” With this turn of events it means that “soon” may actually BE soon. Supposed Crimes has wanted to get the rights to my P.D. novels for a while now, but they couldn’t get an answer one way or the other. Now that they’re closing doors, I have high hopes that we can finally get something worked out so that my Squire’s Isle books like On the Air and Gemini remain in print.

This would also mean that the Claire Lance series – which began in Tilting at Windmills – can finally have the conclusion it deserves. The last four books in the series have been written, they just needed to be put out. Now there’s a chance that will happen.

The downside will be that these will most likely be ebook-only releases (I haven’t talked to Supposed Crimes about this, but it seems plausible). I’m not sure how big of a downside that will be, since we’re having much more success with ebook sales than actual paperback purchases.

The important thing is that these books will be OUT THERE. I can’t wait until Silence Out Loud is finally available, or until the last word in Claire Lance’s adventures is finally read.

I’m very hopeful. I’ll let you know more about this as I get more information from the various people who operate over my head.