Radiation Canary Tea!

I’ve always wanted merchandising! Specifically merchandising that doesn’t cost me anything. ::g:: In this case, you can now buy a bag (or a tin, but unless you REALLY like tea…) of RADIATION CANARY TEA! It has green tea, cherry, blackberry, orange peels, all kinds of good stuff. I wanted to taste it before I advertised it (I mean, it’s only fair I get it first! ;D) and I’m no expert about tea. My cup was more milk than tea. But Mom drinks a lot of tea, and she gave it a thumbs-up. And it’s not that the taste was objectionable to me. The smell is <i>really</i> nice, very interesting. Right now it’s only available in the US, and I’m not sure how/if I can change that. Hopefully there’s a way to make it worldwide. I’ll let you know if the availability changes!

So if you like tea, and you like Radiation Canary, enjoy!




(I’m also considering a possibility of other flavors and combining them into a “SQUIRE’S ISLE TEA” group. A blend of Nadine and Miranda Powell, a Coffee Table Books blend, maybe even a Bitches Investigations flavor (since Dale is a fan of the tea). If anyone’s interested let me know! And if you have flavor suggestions to go with your requests, I’ll totally take them. Like I said, not a big tea drinker. ;D)