Radio Me

In an effort to publicly humiliate myself – and to promote my novels and publicly thank the people who made the award possible and acknowledge my honor at being selected, but mainly the humiliation thing – I have agreed to be a guest on Lara Zielinsky’s Blog Talk Radio show “Readings” tonight! Short notice, I know, but I think you can download an MP3 of the show. I’ll be calling in around 10pm (central time), but I’ll just be answering questions. I don’t know if people usually read on the show, given the title, but I’m not going to do that. She didn’t bring up reading, so I’ll just play it safe and not even have a copy of Gemini handy. ;-D

You can here it on this site

I’m wondering if there will be a way to download it. My Mom wants to hear it (although God knows why… doesn’t she get enough of me babbling at her in real life?) and she’s not sure she’ll be able to listen without Dad finding out about it or eavesdropping.

In all seriousness, it’s such an honor to have won this prize, I feel it’s the least I can do to take some time out and show my gratitude. At the expense of my personal hermit-tude and self-imposed solitary confinement. So brace yourself, peeps. You’ll be able to hear my voice on the interwebs tonight. Be afraid!