Railroad Spine Review in Analog Magazine!

Yesterday I achieved a milestone: The May issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact came out, and tucked away in the book review section is my first-ever official, professional review in a major magazine. I mean, this is Analog. This is the magazine that sent me so many rejection slips when I first started writing. And now they’re carrying a review of a novel I wrote!

And it’s an amazing review! As someone who is very critical of himself, I was anxious up until the review actually went live on the website and saw that it was positive. So very positive! It was so positive I feel like I have to put the sequel on the front-burner (as if I don’t already have enough to write) I kept going back to the site to re-read it, even though I knew I already had it pretty well memorized after the first pass.

Sometime either today or tomorrow I’m going to the store to see if they have their copies of the new issue available for purchase yet. I finally understand that scene on Friends where Joey made everyone stay up all night and then dragged them down to the newstand to buy copies of a newspaper with a review of his play. I’m just glad my review was a little better than his was.

Go check it out! And then, if you don’t have a copy yet, pick one up! That’s not me talking, that’s Analog Magazine. And if you can’t trust them, who can you trust? ~g~