Riley Parra #5, The Martyr

The fifth Riley Parra story, The Martyr, is available for download right now from my website! I know it was supposed to go up tomorrow, but I doubt anyone will complain about getting it a little earlier. <g>

While talking about Riley, I thought I would go ahead and check with the people. Currently, the Riley stories are available as PDFs. I haven’t had anyone contact me about changing that, or adding a different format, but if anyone out there knows of a different file type that would be easier to download, let me know. I’m not sure what kind of mobile readers people have, and I know even less about what kind of files each different version supports. So let me know if there’s something that would be better. The different styles will probably be offered in addition to PDF, not instead of.  You can leave a comment here, or contact me through the website to let me know.

But for now, go read and enjoy!