Riley Parra Inconsistency

It was brought to my attention (although I noticed it before, just too late to change the final draft) that I screwed up with Riley’s timeline in The Martyr. So I thought, since it was brought to attention through feedback, that I should clarify it here. In The Martyr, it said Kenzie left 12 years ago and Riley almost immediately became a detective. That doesn’t work with the opening of Better Angels, where it showed Riley as a uniformed officer four years before the opening of the series.

The easiest way is to change Riley’s advance through the police department. She did not go straight to being a detective when Kenzie left. Maybe that’s just how Riley remembers it (oh, to label her as an unreliable narrator this late in the game <g>). She worked in uniform for a couple of years without a partner before she finally got her detective’s shield. I think that fixes the problems, but if not… well, just repeat to yourself it’s just a show story, and you should really just relax. <g>

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