Riley Parra Schedule

I’ve told several people that the story Better Angels is being considered a “pilot” for a series of stories. Each following story would then be “episodes.” So, in keeping with that, I thought I would give people a viewing schedule so they can know when to expect a new Riley story and what that story will be called. Like looking up an episode guide for your favorite TV series. <g> This is all subject to change, keep in mind, but I will give you some notice if there’s going to be a delay. Stories will be posted on Thursdays, with four weeks in between (mainly to give me a chance to write the things <g>). So, without further ado, here is the schedule!

1×1 – Better Angels, March 19
1×2 – No Use Crying, April 17
1×3 – Losing My Religion, May 14
1×4 – Angels Would Fall, June 11
1×5 – The Martyr, July 9
1×6 – My Empire of Dirt, August 6
1×7 – The Life of Riley, September 3 (season finale)

Again, titles and dates are subject to change. We writers are an indecisive bunch. Well, that’s not true… although… well, maybe.

Hearing: “Still Beating,” Josh Ritter (from The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter album. Buy it at Amazon with Gemini and maybe you’ll get free shipping!)