Riley Parra Season 2 – Premieres WEDNESDAY!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Barring technical difficulties, the second group of stories featuring Riley Parra, Gillian Hunt, Caitlin Priest, and the hordes of demons and angels who populate No Man’s Land will premiere on September 8! Things will be done a little differently this time around, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

There will be ten stories in total, with a new story premiering each Wednesday. That means less time between adventures, and less time hanging off cliffhangers (and trust me, there are some doozies this time around!).

The biggest change is the one I debated the most. This time around, the stories won’t be free. I worked out what I think is a reasonable price for each story, and I made sure that each story was over 10,000 words so you’d get your money’s worth. How it works is like this: You order the story, and we’ll send you an email with the information on how/where to download. We don’t have it automated, but we’ll do our best to make the turnaround as fast as possible. There will also be the option during the first four weeks where you can buy the entire series – all ten stories – for a discount. So keep that in mind!

The reason I’m doing it like this is because with all the effort and editing and set-up it requires to get a full season done takes as long (if not longer) than putting together an actual novel that would be put up for sale. If I did submit it, I would have to release the first set of stories first so new readers wouldn’t be lost. Plus releasing it on my site means you have less of a wait. No shipping, no printers, just you and the story.

I’m hoping to do offer more stories and novels on my website like this, as a sideline to the books I’m releasing with P.D. Publishing. I also hope that the response is good enough that I’m able to put together a third season of Riley (I really do love her and all her friends :D).

So that’s it! This Wednesday, get your Paypal accounts ready and fire up your Kindles or other readers (we’ll have several download options available). Riley is coming back!