Riley Parra Season Two!

Season Two of Riley Parra is now available as an ebook! There will be a paperback version in due time, but this will help people who weren’t able to get the subscription back when it was first released catch up in time for Season 3. Check it out and, if you’ve already read, please review! I want shiny gold stars on the Amazon page (as many or as few as you deem worthy ;-D)!

Riley Parra is Back!

Following Riley’s actions during her trial, the battle between Heaven and Hell has been reignited. Riley barely has time to recover before she’s thrown into the middle of a serial killer investigation. Dubbed the Angel Maker, the killer strikes seemingly at random and uses his victim’s blood to paint angel wings around the body. While Riley tries to track down the killer, she also has to try and identify her counterpart, the champion chosen to represent the side of evil.

In the course of her investigation, Riley is forced to confront everything she once believed, from her own sanity to secrets being kept by her closest friends. With the help of her seraphim partner, Caitlin Priest, and her human partner, Gillian Hunt, Riley rejoins the battle between angels and demons with only one goal: to keep herself and her friends alive.

If you don’t have a Kindle, it’ll be up soon on B&N as a Nookbook and on Smashwords in all varieties of format, including sneak previews! Stay tuned for that info!

And stay tuned here for news on SEASON THREE! I have more stories written than not, so it’s only a matter of time!